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The star of “Univer” complained his fans

Звезда "Универа" пожаловалась на своих фанатовNastasya Samburski tired of the excessive attention of fans.

In an interview with Grazia magazine Nastassja said that in her opinion, fans subscribe to her account not because of the role in the TV series on the TNT channel. Samburski convinced that Internet users are interested in, first of all she is as a person and not played it the way the Chronicle writes.Info with reference to the Telegraph.

The girl said that because of the arrogance of the fans often can’t even sit in a cafe. Obsessive fans tired of her stupid questions. If Nastasia tries to ignore them, angry fans start to insult her.

In the Instagram page from Samburski has two administrator. They deal with haters Actresses on the Internet, sending them in the ban. Nastasia admits that early gossip of spiteful critics could have brought her to tears, forcing to doubt their abilities and talent. Now it administrators strictly control and manage comments page, star of “Univer”.

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