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The ship Jacques Cousteau back in the sea

Судно Жака Ива Кусто снова выйдет в море

Research vessel, on which the famous French oceanographer Jacques-Yves Cousteau made more than a dozen world tours, will again be released into the sea. According to the Agency TASS, after extensive renovation in the spring of CALIPSO will be launched.

“According to our estimates, it will take a year and a half, to bring the ship to a fully functional state. We hope that in 2017 it will again prowl the seas and oceans, as wanted Jacques-Yves Cousteau,” said the widow of the famous Explorer Francine. Currently, the “Calypso” is in dry dock in the Breton port of Concarneau.

In 1996, the vessel suffered distress off the coast of Singapore and sunk, but then he managed to raise to the surface and delivered in 1998 in France. For many years “captain Cousteau”, led by the widow of the researcher made the allocation of public funds to restore the Calypso, but the goal was achieved only recently. Only in 2015, experts were able to begin to repair the vessel.

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