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The service “Sberbank Online” has become the analogue of “Viber”

In the Russian segment of the Internet there is another messenger, which is going to compete and Viber, and WhatsApp, and even Skype. And no, this is not a “Hello” from “Rostelecom”, which we wrote about a few days ago — the new project is called, note, “Sberbank Online”. The name is familiar to everyone, only previously it was more or less comfortable in working with maps, translations and payment of bills.

The management of the Bank, many years ago created the system of “one window running”, I decided it was time to turn the “Sberbank Online” in convenient messenger, to allow users to communicate without restrictions. It’s kind of an ongoing system of review under translations, which could use the Bank card holders. Plans from developers “Sberbank Online” truly magnificent — they are going to add a system of e-begging, which carries the proud name of “crowdfunding” and will allow you to send to other users requests for transfers.

Thereafter, “Sberbank Online” will turn into a trading platform and let the service window to select products and services, compare them and, of course, to pay. Appears likes, smilies, the ability to upload photos and other functions that are necessary to a serious application to work with money and contributions. I wonder how will be implemented the authorization system? The card number and CVC code?

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