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The scandal around the facility for Syrian refugees near Kiev is gaining momentum

Скандал вокруг пункта для сирийских беженцев под Киевом набирает обороты

The construction of Kiev of the item accommodate Syrian refugees stirred the public and was highlighted in the stories of many of the leading national TV channels.

This question sparked a loud controversy, debate and protests by local residents, which are not pleased with the prospect neighborhood of migrants from Arab countries and turn their small town into a new hot spot on the map of Europe, improvement of a criminogenic situation in the region and in the capital of Ukraine, including the prospect of the spread of dangerous diseases. To митингаv of yagotintsev were joined by representatives of radical nationalist organizations, acted categorically against an invasion of migrants from Syria.

The township deputies of the city Council urgently adopted a resolution on the cancellation of its previous decision about diversion of land for construction for the needs of the State migration service and appealed to the Verkhovna Rada with the requirement to find another location for this project.

Journalists “New channel” and “1+1”, in turn, conducted an experiment in Yagotin, during which, disguised as refugees, learned the local reaction to such “neighborliness”. In the story raised a legitimate question — why advancement in the direction of Ukraine promised visa-free regime is still there, and Europe is already trying to torment her shoulder the problem of Syrian refugees and on our population?

Representatives of the State migration service urgently rushed to reassure the public, saying that “not so devil as he is painted”: it will be soon that not many refugees would arrive, what it will be exclusively women and children and no Arab men not to imply that these are refugees from other countries including. In short, GMR leads a thousand excuses to pacify an indignant population. While not denying that the construction of a shelter for refugees is a prerequisite from Europe to us finally granted a visa-free regime.

Though GMS and says that the danger to the country’s Islamist elements, but there is no refugees will be carefully to check the SBU believe the officials is very difficult. Because before eyes the sad experience of Europe, which has led to tragedy for the residents of European countries. Because EU officials also originally assured the population that everything is under control, why the Europeans took the victims from the war in Syria with open arms. Unpleasant is the fact that it seems that our European partners are trying to solve their problems with refugees at our expense, knowing that the country was interested in European integration and comply with any conditions that will face the EU.

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