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The “Russian Railways” has an official app for buying tickets

Domestic company “Russian Railways” trying to keep up with the times, and today she thought many would like to buy tickets for its trains from the screens of their mobile gadgets. For the purpose of fulfillment of their desires it has launched a new app created exactly for this purpose — to purchase the tickets.

A mobile program is called “train Tickets”, but there is still only operating system Google Android. Naturally, RZD offers to download it for free and its functionality is even pleasantly surprised. The novelty of the “Russian Railways” allows you to buy tickets for long distance trains and Express trains, and at the same time on the commuter train is very convenient. In short, through the app you can buy anything and through the site, if anyone feels uncomfortable about it.

In “train Tickets” there is even a function to save contact information — of course, that doesn’t know how, but it does not have to enter personal data when purchasing new tickets. The app is available for download in the online store Google Play and, as we have said, is free. And by the way, we have noted that “Russian Railways” just trying to keep up with the times: train new nobody puts on the rails, so you buy electronic tickets on your smart phone to the vehicle, outdated 30 years ago.

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