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The real “Apocalypse”, which managed to survive humanity. Photo

Реальные «апокалипсисы», которые удалось пережить человечеству. ФотоA similar situation may be repeated.

Sometimes it seems like modern society is just obsessed with end of the world. Mass culture gives more information about zombie invasions, giant meteors from space and that much more likely nuclear destruction of the entire planet. In fact, humanity has survived for end of the world, which could be the end of our race. Here are a few examples of how we have coped with this problem in the past.

The rebellion of the boxers

China has always been the most densely populated place on Earth. It is not surprising that the fall of the government of China in the Qing dynasty, caused a collapse, which has affected many neighbouring countries. Most of China began a terrible famine, inflation did not available even basic foodstuffs. In addition, flourished the use of opium. By the 18th century China’s population ballooned to half a billion people, but now every year millions of people were dying of hunger. Riots, later named the Revolt of the Boxers claimed the lives of tens of millions. The fact that the state — and with it many of the neighboring countries managed to recover from the blow of such force can be considered a miracle.

Реальные «апокалипсисы», которые удалось пережить человечеству. Фото


The city of Megiddo was an important centre of trade, culture and power in the ancient world. The two largest powers of the time, the Assyrians and Egyptians, were the constant fights in the area. The memory of those large-scale, bloody battles so etched in the human consciousness that they are reflected in the mythology of almost every nation. The three main Abrahamic religions also have mention of Megiddo. Fights, who organized Thutmose III, trying to capture the city, were so horrific that the late Greek name Megiddo became synonymous with the end of the world. You’ve probably heard it many times — Armageddon. Christians still believe this area of the field the last battle of Good and Evil.

Реальные «апокалипсисы», которые удалось пережить человечеству. Фото

The fall of the Roman Empire

Almost a thousand years Rome has had a profound influence on the Mediterranean and European culture. Many States have with varying success tried to imitate the great Empire. The fall of the Western Roman Empire was almost the end of civilized society as a whole. From 5th to 8th century ad Westgate, the Goths and the notorious vandals (whose name became a household word due to the brutal customs of the tribe) looted and destroyed half of modern Europe. The world could go back to the Dark ages.

Реальные «апокалипсисы», которые удалось пережить человечеству. Фото

The second world war

The last fires of a world war will forever remain in our history is an indelible scar. Every corner of the globe has seen bloody battles between the allies and German troops. Europe and Asia were devastated: officially dead means 80 million people. Hunger, cold and poverty became a way of life for others. Followed by a huge economic downturn is no longer required to produce as many industrial products. The cold war between the USSR and the USA seemed all the looming end of the world, which saved the world only a miracle.

Реальные «апокалипсисы», которые удалось пережить человечеству. Фото

Mongol invasion

A merciless wave of Mongol invaders descended on Asia and Europe like a plague. During the 13th century, Genghis Khan managed to forge out of disparate tribes of Central Asian steppes efficient and destructive military machine, a steam roller raskatova China, middle East, Russia and parts of Europe. People died so that the decline in carbon dioxide in the atmosphere has led to numerous storms and hurricanes — just imagine how many millions of people should cease to produce carbon dioxide to affect the entire planet.

Реальные «апокалипсисы», которые удалось пережить человечеству. Фото

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