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The President of the Russian Federation were caught off guard by the US

Президент РФ застал врасплох США

Now all the world’s media is overflowing with information about ending the Russian operation in Syria. Every politician, analyst or blogger brings some results, analyze our successes and make further predictions. This is not surprising. No one expected that Russia so suddenly would begin scaling back its military operation in Syria.

To me, this is absolutely the right decision. Initially, our task in Syria was clear and simple: in response to the request of the Syrian authorities to provide military assistance in the fight against ISIL. Our military has dealt with this “Yay!” On top of that, with the help of the President of the Russian Federation in Syria, the majority of opposition groups lay down their arms and gave the government forces a chance to fight the militants of the “Islamic state”.

As writes Washington Post, the President of Russia Vladimir Putin has again surprised the U.S. administration. The reason was, as you’ve probably guessed, the sudden announcement of the withdrawal of troops from Syria. Washington did not expect that Russia as well “play” in the middle East region. According to American politicians, Moscow had to dive into the quagmire of armed conflict in that Arab country.

However, this did not happen. States were out of work, and Vladimir Putin, on the contrary, has risen in the eyes of the world community is even higher, defended our interests in the middle East, defended the legitimate President of Syria Bashar al-Assad, and has helped to reduce the terrorist threat, which could in the future be extended to our country and the world.

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