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The popSlate case 2 will turn “IPhone” into “Itapon”

For smartphones from Apple created a new case called popSlate 2 — the second reincarnation of the bumper popSlate presented already four years ago. This accessory not only protects your case from damage, but also increases the number of built-in screens that much more. In other words, the case itself has an integrated display.

PopSlate has a built in 2 electrophoretic panel on the basis of electronic ink, through which the main screen it is possible not to include, saving battery power. In addition, on an additional screen you can display an e-book, calendar, clock, photos, news and much more, but you have to remember that all of this will be black and white. 2 new popSlate designed for smartphones iPhone 6, 6s, 6 plus, 6s plus, and version for a more compact cell phones equipped with its screen at 4.3 inches diagonally, whereas in larger mods installed already with a 4.7-inch panel.

The case connects to the smartphone via the Lightning interface, and its screen, first of all, slightly curved, second, unbreakable. Inside the accessory even has its own battery, which will last for 9 hours smartphone in talk mode At the present time, the authors popSlate 2 collect money for its production on the portal Indiegogo, and every sponsor will be able to get your case for only $ 70, regardless of size. After the release of a more compact accessory will cost 130, while others are already $ 150.

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