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The police came for the “Committee on 25 January”

Thursday in Tyumen after the RAID had been detained political blogger Alexei Kungurov. As reported by his wife, the newspaper began its publication in the “Live Journal”. Friends of the blogger claim that he is charged with article 205 (terrorist act).

Kungurova charged with committing crimes under three articles of the Criminal code, including article 205 (terrorist act).

Alexey Kungurov is in the top of the Russian segment of “LiveJournal”, the daily audience of his blog is 60 thousand visitors. Also Alexey Kungurov is part of the “Committee of 25 January” and Patriotic movement founded by former defense Minister of the self-proclaimed DND Igor Strelkov, the leader of the unregistered political party “the Other Russia” Eduard Limonov and the chief editor of the nationalist website “Sputnik and pogrom” Egor Vsevolod Prosvirnin.

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The Committee included strelkov, the writer Maxim Kalashnikov, blogger Anatoly Nesmiyan (El Murid), blogger Egor Prosvirnin (Sputnik and Pogrom), the leader “Other Russia” Eduard Limonov, blogger and writer Alexei Kungurov, leader of the “National democratic party” Konstantin Krylov and others.

Here is the opinion of this “Committee” from the puzzled red.

“We agreed that the position of Russia is sliding towards systemic collapse, Pro-Western liberals has not hide his gloating and uses the advance to power, and that the authorities of the Russian Federation is doing everything in their fall. The situation is strongly reminiscent of the eve of the Maidan in Ukraine. In this case there is no sensible Third force, opposing as a dead-end, bankrupt the guardians and Pro-Western belolentochnye” – said on the website of the movement the new Russia, which is headed by former Minister of defence DND

Полиция пришла за «Комитетом 25 января»

Igor Strelkov. Shooters|Photo: colonelcassad.livejournal.com

“Happened, in my opinion, the most important for the fate of the event. In Moscow established the “Committee on 25 January” – the Union of national-Patriotic forces. Why ? Russia Khodorkovsky did not get the liberals. The existing power – moderate cool. The first meeting of the Committee was held in the premises of the movement “new Russia”. Why is this major event? Because you have now where to run, who to adjoin and under whose banners become in the event of a disaster. In addition to power and Pro-Western liberals, there was a third force,” he described the event in his blog Eduard Limonov.

The meeting was, apparently, on the site Strelkovsky “Novorossiya”, and judging by the release, the website traffic becomes the Central information platform of the “Committee”, and the presence of Igor strelkov looks paramount. Nesmiyan for quite some time appears in the company of Strelkova.

“El Murid” also staged a press conference with him and the answers to the questions in the online mode, in short, was responsible for information support of the promotion Bureau.

The website “vlasovets” prosvirnina, despite the initial rejection of events in Novorossia, quickly reoriented and made fantastic Herculean efforts on the glorification strelkov and Slavic garrison, running meme about “300 strelkovtsy” and otherwise making them known.

Someone logical to see here, and Limonov, given that his NBP members went to the Donbass volunteers and has established a corridor for the delivery of humanitarian assistance, and Kalashnikov, which from the beginning of the crisis in the Southeast has created an informational support of the project “Novorossia”, which, in its historical borders – from Donetsk to Odessa.

Полиция пришла за «Комитетом 25 января»

the rally, Mukhin, Parfenov, falcons, Kalashnikov, Lemons|Photo: grani.ru

“We are not dogmatists, we all find common point of contact: we need the great country that combines the whole Russian nation, separated in 1991. Naturally, such a country should be fair and well-developed scientific, agricultural, industrial, what is needed is a completely different policy. Forces that can conduct such a policy, neither the government nor the so-called “belolentochnye” of the opposition.

In this sense, agreed like as white and red, and no one was going at each other’s throats. We believe that in General, activities will be eliminated what will be eliminated, and saved those who fights for principles, not for their doctrines, not his ego. Life is more complex doctrines”, – has commented on such a specific composition of the Board Maxim Kalashnikov.

“I would not say that we have different views, we share the same views on the fate of Russia, on what you need to do now. I see a lot of common ground, and shared, frankly, to focus not see. There are no identical people, we’re not identical twins that were all similar to each other. I’m not embarrassed about [the lineup],” said Eduard Limonov.

“If someone is engaged in a communication activity, it sees its task in the establishment of information, certainly important, areas, this power information. The liberals very powerful information system, the whole Empire – take the “Echo of Moscow” – it is the same effect on millions of people. And if there is no powerful liberal party, but there is powerful information Empire of mister Venediktova. We could use something like this,” said Lemons.

In this case, Eduard Limonov mentioned that the coordinating Board can be the expression of the political will of those who follow them. “There is a huge danger, and I wouldn’t want that power fell into the hands of Pro-Western liberals. In addition, the group, now in power, it is also not fully satisfying. Crimea has returned is fine, but this is not enough. Why left the Donbass at the mercy of Ukraine? Claims to power are many, and we need a third force that would embody them. Thus was created a “Committee on 25 January,” – said the politician.

According to him, the members of the Committee have certain ambitions, although they all joined him as members or leaders of parties and independent activists. “The idea is to be able to influence the fate of the country, to the interests of that part of the population that will come after us and come after each of us was taken into account. There is a huge request for cancellation of results of privatisation within the country, the request to support the Russian-speaking population of Donbass, Odessa region, Kharkov region. The same is not satisfied, and we would like to raise the flag, and if we are going to participate in power, to share it with someone, we will fight for the implementation of your interests, here is what it is” – said Lemons.

The emergence of the Committee caused a great resonance among experts. “The Committee on 25 January,” I jokingly called the “Russian Taliban”. January 25 – students Day, students in Arabic – the Taliban, so the “Russian Taliban”. Well, seriously, the application of this organization for the status of a “third force” is ambitious, sure, but not new,” said the ideologue of the party “Rodina” Fedor Biryukov, calling itself the Committee “parapolitical exotic”, which will soon collapse.

Yes, and the persistent use of a specific set of terms, together with the views of some participants, raises worrying historical Parallels. In particular, the term “third force”. “The term “Third force” – a term from the Glossary of “people’s labour Union of Russian solidarists” – the structures set up by the Abwehr in the years of the great Patriotic war in order based on it to recruit people into the “Russian liberation army” of General Vlasov.

It’s all interwoven patterns – ROA, STC, Committee for the liberation of the peoples of Russia, established by Himmler in 1944. Their platform is solidarism. This is the so-called Third way. As Vlasov said, it’s, like, not fascism, but not communism, it’s in the middle, which is against capitalism, not the fascism and not communism. This is complete nonsense, because there is nothing in between communism and fascism, it is simply an attempt to sell the drugged masses of the fascist idea in supposedly socialist package”, – said the journalist, a documentary filmmaker, the author of the film “Biochemistry of treason” Konstantin Semin.

He notes that the idea of merging left and right is also rooted in fascist ideology, and the talk of a “third force”, solidarism indicate that the power crisis can be filled with those who preach the idea of merging the right and left or simply national socialism. “Since the days of Hitler this term leads people astray. No is no national socialism, Nazism is not a socialist. Socialism based on public ownership of the means of production. Fascism, under the guise of talking about justice, that “we will create a working Hans the same conditions as created in the USSR working to Peter, in fact, retains the ownership of the means of production for Gruppami, the Morgans, the Rockefellers and the Rothschilds.

Therefore, the only correct definition of fascism, which we must use the definition of Georgi Dimitrov, given by him after the famous fire of the Reichstag, when he said that “Fascism is the open terrorist dictatorship of the most reactionary, most chauvinistic, most imperialist elements of Finance capital”. And the appearance of such a Committee is a very alarming symptom for the government and for society. This should tell the authorities that her actions are frowned upon, in many ways – especially in economy – society, and there are forces that would like this complaint to take advantage of,” says Semin.

Indeed, what inspired Limonov to stand in line with the Vlasov Vsevolod Prosvirnin, nationalist Krylov, “monarchist” group of patriots? On the basis of which they will be able to unite at a critical moment, if he will come?

Have to remind you, where does “strings” of these public figures. It is important for understanding a possible scenario. No one, alas, didn’t cancel the truth – who “dines” and “dancing.” Blogger friend in the big article about how related Shooters, Malofeyev, Prosvirnin, and some others, comes to the conclusion that all these people are supporters of the loser at the beginning of the XX century “white ideas” as a rule, the monarchists.

But this is not the main. Much sadder that, unfortunately, known many “Committee members publication 25 January 2016” have an open admiration for the so-called Yugoslav case. Explain is the Vlasov-collaborators during the Second world war. Moreover, this “monarchical-Patriotic line” through the key figure of the “Orthodox oligarch” Konstantin Malofeyev has close ties with the representatives of the highest political elite of the USA. Konstantin Malofeev, “Marshal capital”

Полиция пришла за «Комитетом 25 января»

|Photo: “the Foundation of St. Basil the Great” – the brainchild of Malofeyev – extends its partnership with such a structure, as “Franklin Templetone Investment” is an investment company managing assets of $683 billion, including that purchased 40% of Ukrainian debt.

“This company looks very strange. What made to come back Eduard Veniaminovich, I’m not even sure I have any “red” have not seen. There are all sorts of people gathered – I do not speak nor against any of them personally, I’m not trying to challenge their role in the support of new Russia, etc., but when I see a character with the last name Prosvirnin, from young nails, while still a student in Vladivostok, was brought up in the ideals based in Harbin, the “Russian fascist party”, I understand that this is simply an attempt to create a counterweight to Kiev Bandera vlasovo Russian,” said Konstantin Syomin.

Полиция пришла за «Комитетом 25 января»

the Committee on January 25, Lemons, Kalashnikov, Prosvirnin, Kungurtsev|Photo: Maxim Kalashnikov

“The emergence of the “Committee of 25 January” I believe the continuation of the glorious traditions of the Russian national-Patriotic party. I think all of those dear people, individually well-established and self-sufficient, after a while will fall if not quarrel. Such a dense concentration of ambitions, talents and experience negative choice does not imply,” commented a member of the Presidium of party “Rodina” Fyodor Biryukov.

He recalled that Eduard Limonov, for example, during his long political life he managed to create a lot of alliances and movements – from the “National radical party” in the early 90s, to the NBP, the “Front of the working people” and “Other Russia”. “This is not a “third force” and the series “reboots” of the political underground. And behind the other members of the “Committee” should also be an impressive caravan of broken dreams. In fairness it should be noted that all these projects and movements still were not in vain. Many decent and strong people were the national-Patriotic “school” and have achieved the level of good results. In General, it was all not in vain”, – said Biryukov.

However, if we talk about unification on the information front, yet what is the main purpose of the “Committee”, in one of his recent posts Biryukov himself laments that it is the Patriotic projects of the case getting worse. “Over the past few months has suspended the work of three communications Patriotic project that I had. The reason is as old as the world: money. First lost our funding with Alex Ryleeva Social-Patriotic club “Stalingrad”. Then, right before the New year dusk fell on the channel “Day TV” where I hosted a talk show “Steel air” and the author’s program “Provocation”. And today I was informed that the news Agency “Orthodox Rus”, which I collaborated, is also “frozen” until better times. Who’s next?” – said Biryukov.

But here it may be mentioned that the projects patronized Malofeeva (remember strelkov’s primary role in the “Committee”) and its structures, it is clearly not threatened. Orthodox channel “Tsargrad TV” is unlikely to be on this list. He, like, doing well, and problems with financing no. By the way, I raskritikovav inconsistency “Committee members” “stalingrade” Biryukov in the next post in Facebook just like that and “Orthodox”… suggested to take Lenin out of the mausoleum: “That’s the tomb where the body of the leader causes squabbles. And when there is no body, no problem”, – wrote Biryukov, and, perhaps, Prosvirnin would have told him thank you.

Полиция пришла за «Комитетом 25 января»

Egor Prosvirnin, Lenin, post|Photo:

Recently with sharp criticism of “discussions about Lenin” was made by the member of the “Committee” Maxim Kalashnikov. What is the future of the new movement? Whether he can make it work, avoiding controversy on matters of principle? While the organizers insist that they intend to oppose their actions and “guardians of power”, and Western-oriented “belolentochnye” of the opposition. And intend “to beat the enemy on his field.”

According to Semin, “in the word patriotism these people spread their own special meaning and that they will try to do is attempt to channel social discontent and social protest in the nationalist direction. That’s actually not contrary to liberal ideology, after all, the key issue is the question of ownership, but not about the Russian nation or something else”.

Полиция пришла за «Комитетом 25 января»

Two carnations for comrade Stalin 21.12.2015|Photo: vk.com

“To oppose Bandera can and should not vlasovo and stalinin. Only Stalin was capable and Vlasov and Bandera to drive under the bench. Therefore, the only cure for these committees, it is not what the government is doing, for the tenth time selling people the Gaidar forum in new packaging, and using medications that never helped and is not helping now. The only remedy for this is racovitzae, and preferably the top, not bottom,” – said Semin.

Полиция пришла за «Комитетом 25 января»


And injections those recoverythere-Stalinists-Leninists with remodernization-Vlasov and the national-Bolsheviks-fascists do not go.

White-red-brown-orange snake brood of terrorists and saboteurs is high time to treat radically.

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