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The order in Ukraine following the neo-Nazis and “authorities”

За порядком на Украине следят неонацисты и "авторитеты"

While members of the paramilitary neo-Nazi groups in Ukraine have a certain power, the new police force after the reform, the Ministry of internal Affairs powers are limited, writes Libération.

This is not surprising, said the journalist of the French edition: even the head of the interior Ministry Arsen Avakov invited to the post because of his influence in criminal circles, so to positions of leadership he has appointed people from their environment.

Head of Department of counteraction of narcocrime National police of Ukraine Ilya Kiva admitted that he is ready to violate the letter of the law for good reasons. As the journalist of Libération Sebastian Gaubert, this is not a provocation: the current Ukrainian authorities do believe that the end justifies the means.

Kiva itself — apart from the fact that the state occupies the post of national police in the Ukraine, who runs the local branch of the “Right sector”*, led a battalion of volunteers in the East of Ukraine that has brought him to the Minister of internal Affairs Arsen Avakov, writes the edition. He reportedly began to struggle against the spread of drugs, by fighters of the paramilitary units, which are known for their radical and neo-Nazi beliefs.

Brother Ukrainian MP Mustafa Nayem, a lawyer Masi Nayyem, blames Avakov. According to him, the only division that had managed to reform, — traffic police, but its authority is very limited, whereas in Kiva enormous power.

Another interviewee, a journalist, a former senior official of the Ministry of internal Affairs, Avakov, and all calls adventurer, which brought to power primarily because of its impact on criminal circles. While in leadership positions, he appointed such as “business persons” capable of anything, and has surrounded himself with such.

And yet, when the law treats a senior police officer, becomes dangerously, the author notes, — especially against the background of police reform, which is trying to hold Kiev.

Avakov himself has experienced political crisis, which was dismissed by the Prime Minister of Ukraine Arseniy Yatsenyuk, writes Libération. However, his Deputy, the Georgian reformer Catherine Zguladze — resigned and spoke thus about “the ocean of corruption, nihilism, and bureaucracy” faced. Masi Nayyem, in turn, initiated a judicial inquiry against officials who ignore the activities of Ilya Kiva, but the latter is never questioned.

The Kiva refuses even to pass recertification, which, under the new rules, required to serve in the police, adds the author.


* Banned in Russia as extremist organization.

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