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The online shop GearBest gives discounts on dozens of products in honor of the beautiful ladies

Any sign of attention is pleasant to both men and women, but it just so happened that most often these marks appear only twice a year – in the International day of both sexes. The online shop GearBest fundamentally disagree with this approach and decided to provide a sign of attention to all their customers, reducing the price of dozens of products from their catalogue. GearBest this offer is a direct continuation of the campaign, they arranged for International women’s day, only now the list of products subject to discount, and men’s gadgets, for example, a high-tech smartphones, crammed to capacity, or an action camera that can shoot on land, in air and under water.

Discount from GearBest offers several dozen products from different categories, and since this extension campaign dedicated to March 8, it would be logical to mention something that will definitely attract women. The fair sex, as we know, in the spring tend to lose weight for the beginning of beach season, and so they today can buy special pants for sports with 66% discount for 19,5 USD. Or they can use dresses with discount of 40 to 64 percent, bright wrist watch, the price is reduced by 41%, pendants and soft toys are not more expensive than $ 5, the nightlight in the form of an opened book for $ 25 or a cozy knitted blanket for the legs in the form of a mermaid tail with 60% discount for $ 39. Of course, all goods will be delivered to your post office for free.

Male toys in the directory GearBest too much: why are only compact projectors at a discount from 24 to 50 per cent in price from 60 to 180 dollars! How smart robotic vacuum cleaner Chuwi Ilife V5, which will be yours for 115 dollars instead of the original price to $ 340? In General, this action is a real Paradise for lovers of modern electronics! It is important to remember that the discount on each product involved in the campaign, lasts exactly as long until sold his last copy, so I advise to hurry up!

In addition to projectors and vacuum cleaners GearBest will offer you a wide range of powerful smartphones with price from 130 to 300 dollars, and all for 210 dollars you can buy a flagship smartphone Xiaomi Mi4, which was originally worth 57% more. 300 dollars here estimated top monoblock ZTE Axon Elite International Edition, the price of which, excluding a 48-cent discount is 580 dollars.

Shop GearBest also has a smart watch U8 Smartwatch priced at $ 9 USD, and in a more potent analogue with a circular display, called Aiwatch C5 1.22 for the price of $ 62. Discount on the model was 77% and 42% respectively. Even tablets, and those you can buy at a very attractive price: in particular, modern Aiwa Hi12 with a bright 12-inch screen, powerful Intel processor and Windows 10 OS is available for only 255 dollars with the 60% off and the compact 8 inch model: Chuwi Vi8, too, with Windows 10, will ask only 82 per dollar.

In this article we have considered not all devices that store GearBest is willing to sell you at a very low price. All we have collected more than four dozen, but the number of copies is limited, so don’t waste your time – come in, choose and buy it ahead of anyone else!

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