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GearBest gives discounts on dozens of products in honor of the Day of laughter

April fool’s day is celebrated in many countries around the world, someone original, someone with jokes about his back and a white mustache in sour cream. Popular online shop GearBest also decided to become part of the General merriment, and established an extensive sale, which is not a joke. However, to cause a smile on the faces of the buyers of action could, because of the discount offered will allow you to buy your favorite gadgets at below-market prices.

Although fool’s Day has already passed, the action continues from GearBest, and to buy dozens of items discounted for today and tomorrow. Sellers know that buyers need, and therefore offered discounts on the most running goods – smartphones, tablets, smart watches, clothes, accessories and even quadcopters! In short, everyone will find something interesting. Let’s start with smart technology: in the framework of the GearBest store has lowered prices on smartphones XIAOMI RedMi Note 2 (32 GB), Lenovo Power, Overseas Edition XIAOMI MI4 and LENOVO NOTE S, which are now $150, $180, $180 and $80 respectively instead of $312, $352, $360 and $197, that is the discount on each model ranged from 49 to 59 percent, and it’s all quite serious.

Where smartphones and smart watches there: models K9 3G and NO.G3 Sports 1, both with a round color display, can be yours for $125 and $58, although until recently they were worth $173 and $88, respectively, total sale reaches 34%. With tablets it gets even better: participate in the sale of six models, and they all work under Windows 10. In the special catalog tablets included: Onda Hi12 ($255 instead of $360), Teclast Tbook 11 ($210 instead of $550), Jumper EZpad 5s ($230 instead of $590) and hybrid Onda OBook10 for $178 instead of $461 and two of the tablet, Chuwi Hi10 and Cube iWork 10, estimated, respectively, $157 and $189. Depending on the model, the size of the discounts ranges from 29 to 67 percent crazy.

But the offers from GearBest does not end there: in the framework of the online store has reduced the prices for fans with lights for system units, batteries 18650, a universal charger and camping lights with LEDs and CREE. Fans of extreme sports will also be happy, because they can buy four action-camera at a discount from 25% to 52% by price from $47 to $116, to choose from, many of them equipped with special body for shooting at great depths. Products in a new promotion from GearBest very much: then there are the quadcopters at the price from $14 to $80, and intelligent flavor of air for the vehicle interior, and advanced DVRs. Thanks to the online store, your house will always be clean, because it has a range of smart robotic vacuum cleaners with discounts up to 56%, as well as various accessories for bathrooms and kitchens, including smart detector of humidity and temperature. It can be hung, for example, in the home Conservatory or in the greenhouse.

Hurry up with the shopping! Promotion ends at midnight, April 6.

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