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The neighborhood with Russia prevents Tallinn “to dance”

Соседство с РФ мешает Таллину "танцевать"

Estonian leader Toomas Hendrik Ilves is convinced that his country still is not thriving because of its proximity with the Russian Federation. He said this during his speech in honor of the 98th anniversary of the state independence of Estonia.

According to him, Estonia could become a “mini Switzerland”. But the geographical position has deprived the country the opportunity to thrive.

“Understanding that Estonia could alone become a mini-Switzerland, next to Russia, fits the category of the absurd. How is it possible to reach such self-deception?”, — the President said.

It is worth remembering the adage that it prevents bad dancer. In any case, Russia’s neighborhood — not too plausible an excuse for incompetence.

And Ilves “carrying” on. According to him, prevents migration of Estonia and the crisis. But it threatened the whole of Europe, because the influx of refugees will simply be swept away by the EU with the face of the earth. The Estonian leader also expressed concerns because of the initiatives of the Prime Minister of Italy Matteo Renzi deny support to those Eastern European countries that do not want to accept migrants.

“It’s not an empty threat, because on the sidelines in the same vein, saying other state. Those States, from contributions which are structural funds”, commonly said Ilves.

In this case, the Estonian President stressed that his government will accept only those refugees who “do not pose a threat to the security of Estonia and fled from the war”.

“The rest, that is, economic migrants and in search of fortune, it is necessary to send back, as it has already become the most exemplary way of doing Finland”, — he added.

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