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The national Bank continues to block the requests of importers for currency buying

Нацбанк продолжает блокировать заявки импортеров на покупку валюты

On 25 March, the dollar began to fall again. After the start of interbank trading in the framework 26,25-UAH 26.40 roubles per litre/S, the currency depreciated by 35 cents.

“The market has gone 26,10-26,20 USD./$, then went to the movement downward: first the quotes left by 26.0-26,10 USD./$ stood long enough at this level, and then sank to 25,90-25,95 UAH/$.

As reported by NewsDay/24, just after noon there was a small upward correction — 25,95-26,05 USD./ After the national Bank announced about carrying out of auction with the buyout of dollar General in the amount of $30 million, Applications will be accepted until 14:00,” said UBR.ua the head of the Department for dealing operations of Raiffeisen Bank Aval Yuriy Grinenko.

Financial experts expect that the regulator will buy currency a bit cheaper than the current. “Most likely, the course cut-off will be set at the level 26,0 UAH/$”, said UBR.ua Deputy Director of Treasury Bank “Khreschatyk” Edward Nazarenko, reports Ua-Banker.

Bankers today, did not complain about active blocking of applications by the national Bank of importers to buy the dollar on the interbank market.

And reduced demand for the currency, causing a decline in the dollar, explain natural factors.

“Demand for the dollar on Friday, really small, probably came a small seasonal downturn. Thus the currency offer in the morning was very solid. So the appearance of the regulator in the auction was expected,” — said Nazarenko.

After currency auction financiers allow two versions of events. According to Yuri Grinenko, the interbank market may consolidate at current values (recall that today the auctions are held at short-day, and be completed before 16:00). And Eduard Nazarenko does not exclude a small increase of quotations of dollar in the evening — 5-10 cents. If after the auction, the NBU will remain the demand for the dollar.

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