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The most courageous profession of our time. Photo

Самые отважные профессии современности. ФотоThey require courage and perseverance.

In my childhood almost all boys want to be superheroes with superpowers and saving the world from villains. After all, these characters get fame and popularity. But boys grow up and become men who choose the profession. Often the chosen kind of activity is much braver than it seems at first glance. Consider the most courageous profession of our time.

The woodcutter (lumberjack)

Самые отважные профессии современности. Фото

This profession is considered to be brave, because during operation, the level of testosterone significantly increases. This was proven after proper examination. The profession of a woodcutter in the top because it requires a lot of effort to learn, and it can physically fit and strong man. In addition, during logging need assertiveness, and even aggression.


Самые отважные профессии современности. Фото

Exclusively male profession of a miner is considered to be synonymous with the word “courage”. Miners regularly risk and danger. Diseases of the respiratory system, collapses in the mine, the risk of getting lost – all this and more can come at any time. In addition to risk such a profession assumes constant coal dust on the skin and clothing. For a woman it is unforgivable, but for men it is a normal phenomenon, embodying the courage of the profession.


Самые отважные профессии современности. Фото

Not everyone can be firefighters. If you don’t like physical exertion, are not lightning-fast wit and love to work in a team, then, as the saying goes: “These do not take in cosmonauts”. Only smart, physically strong, commanding and intelligent men can be firefighters. It was a profession with a superhero. It is full of danger and risk. The representatives of this courageous profession, climb the fire building to save the people and lead an uncompromising struggle against the flames.


Самые отважные профессии современности. Фото

This is a very old profession that is mastered by Egyptians during the time of the pharaohs. Today, the modern pyramid builders – the masons working on construction sites of any scale. They work with bricks, stones and other heavy materials, which largely ensure the durability of the construction. To be a Mason means to be a strong and courageous man, who bears greater responsibility for their activities.


Самые отважные профессии современности. Фото

Even an Amateur in this business knows that the danger of this profession lies not in tools, not in sunstroke, and in the fall from the roof, which can lead to death.

The butcher

Самые отважные профессии современности. Фото

Not all men think this profession the best. However, it is deservedly ranked in the top manly activities. The butcher scores the cattle, cut up and prepare it for implementation in the markets, in stores, etc. This profession requires physical strength and certain skills that women can not do.

Agricultural worker

Самые отважные профессии современности. Фото

The main components of agricultural activities: tractors, combine harvesters and other technical power of the cooperatives, increase productivity, however, does not guarantee the safety of the workers. This is perhaps one of the most courageous risky professions. During the execution of the duties of the agricultural worker should not lose vigilance and caution, otherwise the negative consequences will not keep itself waiting long.


Самые отважные профессии современности. Фото

The progress of computer technology has not yet replaced stunt. During each trick they risk their lives. This activity requires skill, caution and physical strength.


Самые отважные профессии современности. Фото

Are due to the fishermen, sitting alone with a fishing rod on the shore of the lake, and not drinkers under the guise of fishing activities, and those guys who even in the tumult of the water element boss of the special tools while on the ship. Ability to professionally fish in any stop is considered a masculine activity, as it requires courage, and preparation.


Самые отважные профессии современности. Фото

To be a trucker is not just to keep the wheel of the truck. Prolonged driving in any weather, the concentration on traffic is the integral part of this courageous profession. In addition, the truck driver must have the physical strength to “serve” the truck and give back the crooks and bandits that can be found during the route.

Such a profession is worthy of respect. What’s more is the embodiment of boyish dreams. If you belong to one of them, then you combine the true masculine traits and activities are comparable with the actions supergeroev your favorite childhood

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