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The Ministry have not agreed on subsidies to the automobile industry

В Минэкономразвития не согласовали субсидии автопрому

The Ministry of economic development have not agreed on the draft government decree on subsidies to automakers in 2016. The Department explained that at first it is necessary to estimate the additional Federal budget spending and the risks of infringement of obligations under the WTO.

As reports “Interfax” citing a source in the automotive industry, in the decree of the Ministry of economic development stated that the government has significantly increased the size of the industrial subsidies to the enterprises of automotive industry.

Earlier it was reported that their volume for 2016 was indexed to 80 billion rubles. Thus, the compensation of energy costs provides financing in the amount of 3.89 billion rubles. To subsidize part of the costs associated with the production and support of warranty in the manufacture of vehicles (TC), corresponding to norms of Euro-4 and Euro-5, provides 30,21 billion. The automakers subsidize part of the cost of maintaining jobs provides funding in the amount of 46,29 billion.

The Ministry notes that a further increase in the subsidy of energy costs, the release of the CU, the relevant standards Euro-4 and Euro-5, as well as for labor, requires “additional studies, supported by appropriate calculations”. In addition, according to the Ministry, the draft regulation eliminates the need to provide documents affiliates of automobile manufacturers, confirming the provision of services on production of the vehicle.

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