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The militants used chemical weapons in the Iraqi town of Taza

Боевики ИГ применили химоружие в иракском городе Таза

The militants of the terrorist group “Islamic state” used the missiles with chemicals in the city of Taza in the Iraqi province of Kirkuk, told media referring to the official representative of the Shiite militias, “al-Hashd Al-SHAABI” Ali al-Husseini.

“South side of the Pots was subjected to heavy attack from fighters of DAYS, during which the terrorists launched from Kasba al-Bashir, two rockets stuffed with toxic substances”, – RIA “news” the statement of the representative of the militia of the channel Al-Sumaria.

He demanded from the official authorities to support the provision of an air defense system and called on to unite forces for the liberation of al-Bashir and the surrounding villages.

The head of the Committee for human rights in the Iraqi Parliament Arshad al-Salecah reported the first case of death of the child in the Pelvis as a result of poisoning by chlorine.

On Thursday, the Supreme Council for human rights reported 409 victims of the chemical attacks of terrorists. The inhabitants of the Basins received a medium and severe injuries. All damaged airway, reports the Arabic TV channel.

Previously, the Iraqi authorities stated that available data do not allow to speak about presence of chemical weapons by the IG.

White house press Secretary Josh Ernest said that successful cooperation between Russia and the US had resulted in the destruction were stored in Syria chemical weapons and now it will not fall into the hands of Islamists.

On the same day in the Iraqi intelligence reported that the U.S. special forces in February seized in Iraq the head of the detachment of the terrorist organization “Islamic state” involved in the production of chemical weapons.

On Wednesday, U.S. aircraft struck at targets of terrorist organization “Islamic state” in the Iraqi area of Mosul, where supposedly produced chemical weapons.

12 February, CIA Director John Brennan said that militants of the terrorist group “Islamic state” could try to take out chemical weapons outside of Syria and Iraq. He confirmed that the terrorists repeatedly use toxic substances and is able to produce chlorine and mustard gas (mustard gas).

In January the Director of the Department for non-proliferation and arms control of the Russian foreign Ministry Mikhail Ulyanov said that Moscow assesses the probability of use of chemical weapons by the militants of the terrorist Islamic state group in Syria as “very high”.

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