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The middle East section of the “pie” is in full swing

Yes and spit the West that Russian troops did all the work for an international coalition to combat “Islamic state”, which seems to be (seems to me that it could be wrong) it was created. Now is only a matter of time – but more rather who will take the honor “piece” of the pie that is pulled from a hot “oven” Russia. As the saying goes, – the one who had and ate.

This is a blatant insolence and impudence of European and Western politicians not to arouse any emotions and feelings, but, forgive me, but I’m still exasperated and extremely annoying.
In General, said the head of the British foreign office about that
grouping “Islamic state” has lost significant territory in Syria thanks to the efforts of the international coalition.

Раздел ближневосточного «пирога» в самом разгаре

And what, it turns out, stunning and incredible strategy developed this is a coalition, well good, well done! “Caliphate” is crumbling just because of her.

“The UK has joined the airstrikes and Syria in the framework of a common strategy on the fight against ISIS, and this strategy works. IG lost 40% of the territory formerly under its control in Iraq, and significant territory in Syria. Her finances are reduced, and its militants deserting. The so-called Caliphate collapses”.

They say, of course, do not praise myself – no praise. Apparently, this is guided by the UK government. Honestly, from all these words even in my mouth was somehow too sickly sweet as Mr. Philip Hammond nothing is stuck together, do not know.

Moreover, the coalition does everything possible and impossible to achieve long-term political settlement. With Turkey, which ISIS, for a moment, the oil sells, the coalition collaborates, calling this country a partner. In General, the beauty, and only.

And not forgetting the UK about Russia? Even the international Committee recommended the British government to maintain close contact with the Russian government, particularly with Sergey Lavrov, and to support the coordination with the Russian military, to minimise the risk of renewed violence in Syria. Yes, to do this?

Russia now naturally can not let go, you never know what will cause another blow to the militants who will hit the enemy, and the UK would be in business.

And while Britain will try to knock out the wedges to the Russian military analysts around the world repeat the same words – that Rossi managed to reverse the situation in Syria, it is thanks to her efforts, ISIS fled. Hey, Britain, earplugs out of her ears to remove any chance?

It is clear that all around now are only going to say that Russia pulls the blanket over himself. But, listen, don’t care what they will say in the West, in Europe. We all know how things are and how this “mighty handful” under the loud name the coalition to fight terrorism helpless and useless. Do not argue, to strike she is able, however, a little there and a little technical But it’s a trifle, so that the costs of “production”.

And here it’s not even that those same States don’t understand how to act and whom to contact. The fact that the coalition do not want. They said that with their “partners” are cooperating successfully, that life is perfect and in the protracted Syrian war. As for this “pie”, so early blows out candles UK, Russians did not leave, the Russians are left to check that these “candles” will burn.

So, do not strain, still there isn’t enough air (but we control it).

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