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The microbiologist told where it is dangerous to have sex

Микробиолог рассказал, где опасно заниматься сексом

Microbiologist and doctor of philosophy of the University of Arizona Charles Gerba told about 5 places where not necessary and sometimes dangerous to engage in sexual intercourse.

Almost everyone has their own list of places he wants to try to have sex, but there are hundreds of bacteria and infections that can threaten health. It is reported by TSN, citing the publication Men ¾ Health.

1. Lavatory aircraft Lavatory of an airplane is a breeding ground for bacteria, primarily Escherichia coli. “75 or more people using one small bathroom of the plane during the flights he’s not cleared,” said the microbiologist.

2. Cinema the Cinema is visited daily by thousands of people, dirty seats not only popcorn and sodas, and a variety of bacteria. As a rule, the seat no one ever disinfects, that’s why the coat of Arms does not recommend this place.

3. The beach Garbage, sewage, birds, dirty sand with thousands of harmful microorganisms – all of which can damage your fun. According to the doctor, one study showed that the beach is considered a place dirtier than runoff water. This place can lead to diseases such as diarrhoea, rashes and many other infections. Moreover, in the sun and at high temperatures the bacteria spread faster. Also do not forget about the threat of ticks – they can actually enter the body and transmit diseases such as Lyme disease.

4. The locker room gym Staphylococcus, Streptococcus, notorious, ringworm and many other bacteria and infections have been found in the gym. This place is ideal for bacteria, warm and moist environment is exactly what is needed for their reproduction. The microbiologist emphasized that it is not necessary to go barefoot in the locker room and lean on exposed body parts to walls and other surfaces.

5. Parks and playgrounds have You ever seen playgrounds Soaps or disinfecting? No. The same applies to chairs and benches in the parks. Remember this when you want to try there to engage in sexual intercourse, the doctor said.

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