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The leaders of the “Mosvodokanal” came to partners from Lipetsk

Руководители «Мосводоканала» приехали к партнерам из Липецка

In Lipetsk took place the meeting of the first persons LTK “Svobodny Sokol”, which produces cast iron pipe ductile iron, and the country’s largest provider of public services “Mosvodokanal”.


Speaking about the purpose of this visit, the first Deputy General Director of “Mosvodokanal” Mikhail Vdovin, said that Moscow housing and communal services today are looking for engineering solutions to reduce accidents on the lines of water supply and sanitation and communicate in this regard with the experts of high class.

In turn, the General Director of the Lipetsk company Igor Efremov noted that “waterworks”, it is “one of the largest consumer products LTK “Free Falcon” and interest as a long-term stable partner. However, the interest of the Free Falcon” this time was not confined to his commercial interests.

Руководители «Мосводоканала» приехали к партнерам из ЛипецкаThe proportion of cast iron pipes in water supply networks and Sewerage networks of Moscow, he explained, is about 40 percent. About three thousand kilometers of water supply systems and sanitation in the capital are built of ductile iron pipes. Basically, it’s a pipe company LTK “Free Falcon” and Muscovites have something to say about his product.

“They exploit our tube and know better their strengths and weaknesses. Therefore, communicating with them, we first hand know that they are not satisfied with the quality of our pipe, what inconveniences may arise, for example, its installation, etc. Thanks to this we have clear guidelines for its development”, — said Igor Efremov.

Руководители «Мосводоканала» приехали к партнерам из ЛипецкаTo this he added that “the Free Falcon” has plans of technical interoperability between LTK “Free Falcon” and “Mosvodokanal”.

Guests Lipetsk metallurgists and leadership of LTK “Free Falcon” communicated mainly in the shops of the company. Director of new technologies Alexander Minchenkov showed the Muscovites how to make a cast-iron pipe, and explained the technology of its production. In the laboratory in the eyes of the guests determined the chemical composition and other quality parameters of pipes on samples coming from production departments.

Руководители «Мосводоканала» приехали к партнерам из ЛипецкаLTK “Svobodny Sokol” — the only in Russia and CIS manufacturer of pipes made of ductile cast iron. The company is equipped with modern technology and equipment of leading firms of France and Germany and produces pipes with diameters from 80 to 1000 mm. supply pipe in 19 countries.

Mosvodokanal — provides water and Sewerage 14.2 million Moscow residents. The length of water supply network of about 13 thousand kilometers. 37 percent of them are made of iron pipes.

Ilya Smirnov

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