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The Kerch bridge was not damaged — but the savages still celebrating

A Turkish cargo ship rammed a temporary auxiliary bridge, whereby the delivery of materials for the main construction.

The attacks in Brussels for a time eclipsed all other news, so just now all the news agencies drew attention to a slight incident in the evening of 19 March the Turkish cargo ship crashed into a pillar of the Kerch bridge No. 2.

News agencies have noticed only now, but in the camp of galloping morons already the third day of the festival about this: how not to rejoice, if Turkey rammed hated a bridge to the Crimea!

Collection of morons to illustrate here: http://apostrophe.com.ua/news/politics/regional-policy/2016-03-23/vidim-ruku-erdogana-sotsseti-poveselil-turetskiy-suhogruz-protaranivshiy-putinskiy-most-v-kryimu/53282

Керченский мост не пострадал — но дикари всё равно празднуют

They are closely watching everything that happens in Russia, rejoicing in any trouble, accidents, deaths and disasters. Don’t care that deep in the ass, the main thing is that the neighbors are not all right.

However, jumping to nebraksa in his insane joy did not pay attention to some of the nuances of the incident. And no wonder – the virus paganizma fully and irreversibly destroys the brain and Central nervous system, leaving only the shell of mindless zombies.

Therefore, they failed to carefully read the original post:

“On Saturday, March 19, the cargo ship “Lira” company Turkuaz Shihhing Corp crashed into a pillar of work bridge No. 2, which is being built between the island of Tuzla and the fairway and is an auxiliary construction in the construction of a bridge across the Kerch Strait… In the destroyed pillar No. 80, may have hidden damage at the support No. 79. Lighthouse also destroyed two piles, and support No. 79 and No. 81 are offset. In the result of incident nobody has suffered”.

But the fact that “bridge # 2” is a temporary support bridge, through which the delivery of building materials for the main construction. Himself Kerch bridge was not damaged, and at the time of its construction it would have no impact.

So here’s another “Peremoga”, as usual, turned into “tradu”. However, when without a brain, otherwise it does not happen.

Alexander Rogers

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