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The Iranians with the Russians: we buy, we threaten!

Иранцы с русскими: то покупают, то угрожают!

What happened to “manuscripts of the Qur’an” given by the President of Russia to the spiritual leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei during his visit to Tehran about four months ago?

For some reason it (the Quran) did not heed to the requests to bless the cooperation between the two countries, when from all sides showered with mixed messages about the promise of Iran’s Russian missiles. The Iranians in this regard stated that the rockets “have been loaded for delivery, but then came the refusal from the Russian side without explanation”.
It is necessary to clarify that we are talking about the deal between Moscow and Tehran for sale Iran Russian s-300 systems. The Iranians, for their part, assured that you have paid the full purchase price (about billion) in the times of financial crisis in Iran. However, the delivery, the term of which was scheduled for 2010, was not implemented, as the decision of the UN Security Council had imposed a ban on the import of arms into the country. Last year the ban was lifted, but the delivery is still not resumed. It is not clear, will give Moscow complexes that have strategic importance, thus threatening the Persian Gulf and, of course, Israel, or not. At the same time, the Russian source said that the time deadline prescribed in the transaction, scheduled for the end of this year, and also denied the information that the regime of Tehran had paid the cost of the transaction completely. In response, the Iranian side has sent a warning to the Russians that will be forced if the transaction does not take place, to appeal to the international court and to demand compensation in the amount of $ 4 billion, which is four times greater than the cost of the contract.

Of course, relations between the governments of Russia and Iran raise questions. There is a feeling that their overall readiness to confront the West — only policy required each other, while the interest remains at everyone.

As for Iran, the last time he is moving closer to the West. And the truce is about to take place. If we take into account the more radical wing inside the ruling regime in Tehran, it is assumed that the rapprochement with the West will also be in his best interest, both domestic and regional. That is why on the table of the Kremlin was freely laid out $ 8 billion of Iranian funds during the recent visit of defense Minister Hossein Dehgans to buy another batch of Russian weapons.

Why? Thus Tehran is trying to compete with the three world governments, each of which is richer than another: Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and Qatar. Although if Iran tries to build a military-political Alliance with Russia in the region (in Syria, in the region of the Caspian sea, the Islamic republics of southern Russia), this application deserves special attention. Such an Alliance would be beneficial for the countries of the Persian Gulf, as this will ensure the failure of President Obama to liberalize the regime of Ayatollah Ali Khamenei and cooperation with him. Of course, Iran has a more difficult choice than before his neighbors.

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