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The influence of smell on the bite

Due to the reduction of a livestock of a fish and because of the fierce competition among fishermen modern fishing is almost impossible without the introduction of the bait and even the nozzle of attractants and flavors that attract a particular fish in place of fishing. The use of such substances, which developed a considerable amount of capable when skillful use them to make fishing very effective.

Now created an entire industry for the production of both individual and compositions involving fish substances, as if defining her direction on the hook. In most cases, the so-called “pure chemistry.” This fruity essences: Apple, pear, barberry, banana, pineapple, raspberry, strawberry, currant and others, as well as essences that have the aroma of cocoa and vanilla. Of course, use the cocoa powder and crystalline vanillin. Manufacturers of ready-made baits often enter into their composition chopped nuts (peanut, fennel, almonds) as active additives. Found use and spices (cinnamon, coriander, and others), they are small amounts are also successfully used in various natural baits.

The act of flavors to the fish still not well understood. Probably, most of them having a pungent odour, in water create a simulated increase of dissolved oxygen, like “refreshing” water. It is noted, if the angler does not “overdone” with additives, the fish generally move in the direction from zones with a minimum content attracts substances to areas with a maximum of their contents, quickly finding a spot on the bottom where the bait is. So we can say: odorous additives “ask the fish direction.

Should bring some clarity to the situation that the fishermen use a large number of different flavors and continue the search of new substances suitable for this purpose. I think this is due to the behavioral side in the life of fish, in particular with a constant selectivity during the movement in search of food. This statement can be confirmed by the following examples. In a wide, slow flowing rivers with fish concentrated in narrow places, in the rapids; in deep water bodies it feeds in the shallows; in the overgrown ponds looking clean place, and Vice versa. That is, it is a habitat and feeding tends to be pronounced.

It seems like the motivation you get when sitting on the beach a short distance from each other anglers using bait enough to create a lengthy artificial feed area. Suppose that all anglers, except for one, as a flavoring mixture used anise oil, and one angler — dill butter. In this case, would have a uniform “field of smell”, to which you will catch fish and be distributed evenly throughout the area of feeding. However, over time, the accumulation of fish in the area fishing bait with smell of dill, will play the role of features, giving the fish the direction of travel on a uniform area of the feed and smell. Apparently, fishing in the zone of action of dill oil will be much more successful than many of its neighbors, and not because this is better flavor of anise.

Of course, in reality things are not so simple. Put in terms of the competition, when fishermen are sitting tight, increasing the pressure on the fish, the athletes used intricate compositions attracting substances, consistent with their own experience and knowledge of the specific reservoir. In composition, the consistency and quality of the baits vary considerably as would carry the traits of individual experience. Because of this, at the bottom there might be some areas of apparent fish.

Of course, use large doses and extended sets attracting substances should be used with caution. Not all of them chemically and biologically compatible with each other in the mixture and dilution with water. Sometimes two or more flavorings, individually well attract fish, together may work as a repellent. On the other hand, some anglers use attracting substances are brought to the absurd, introducing them to the bait or the nozzle in such quantity that caused the flight of fish. The fact that, for example, essential oils and fruit essences are concentrated, chemically active substances, which can result in fish chemical burn of the gills, eyes, or oral mucosa. Then the fish, leaving the dangerous area, will publish the alarm, scaring off the object of catching not only the angler, but also nearby neighbors.

Positively working the amount of additives in the bait or the nozzle depends on several factors: season, type, density and activity of the fish, type of water body, presence of competitors, quality of water and the force of the current. Therefore, in each case, the amount and composition of additives angler needs to determine the result of personal experience and polling of friends.
Can you give some standard guidelines for reservoirs of the middle band. Here the rate of application is widely known fragrances were developed around the following. Per 1 kg of the nozzle or bait: heavy vegetable oil — 1-3 tablespoons; volatile essential oil — 3-4 drops; fruit essences — 5-10 drops; crystal vanilla — to a teaspoon; cocoa powder — 1-2 tbsp; walnuts — 100 grams. Compatibility between flavors, there are these observations: essential oils are not compatible with fruit essences; heavy oil, vanilla and cocoa are well compatible among themselves with almost all other additives, and both together and separately.

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