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The independent: Assad ordered to curse Putin for “betrayal”

Иносми: Асад приказал проклинать Путина за «предательство»  
A few days ago, the Syrian alawites praised Russia, Russians and Putin. In the Damascus cafe hung Russian flags and portraits of Russian President.
In less than a day the situation has changed 180 degrees. Arab sources report that right after statements of the Russian authorities for the immediate withdrawal of the military a “limited contingent” and the conclusion of “an international debt”, Alawite protest soared to the heavens.

They don’t need to explain what awaits them because of the withdrawal of Russian troops from Syria. They know what future awaits them now. Russian care they take as a betrayal.

Bashar al-Assad and the Syrian authorities behave similarly. The situation among asadowskij power structures and among the soldiers of the army of Assad’s close to panic. The civil defence force of Syria began to organize protest demonstrations in connection with unexpected, apparently for the Bashar al-Assad, Russia’s decision to withdraw its troops from the territory of Syria.

Palestiina first demonstration was held yesterday in Latakia, where alawites and other prasolovskoye the population cursed the Russians, tore up portraits of Vladimir Putin, simultaneously praising Iran. In fact, the Syrian government controlled areas dominated by alawites, other Shia denominations, Christians and the areas between them.

Due to the current situation, there is a growing fear of a new wave of defections from Assad’s army. Among the half a million Syrian Druze, firmly adhering prasolovskoye side, also growing serious concern and the possibility that they will abandon Assad increases significantly.
At the end of, the semiannual appearance of the Russian military contingent in Syria and its massive bombing in all directions greatly angered and ISIS and the “Syrian opposition”, and have configured most of the population of what was once called the Syrian Arab Republic requires immediate revenge. Writes foreign edition

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