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The HTC Nexus 2016 will be able to assess the effect of depression on screen

This year Google will present its new smartphone Nexus, which, according to semi-official information, developed by HTC and carries the name of HTC Nexus 2016. The device, according to rumors, will be endowed with a number of features not currently available in most modern smartphones, for example, he will be able to determine the strength clicking on the screen thanks to 3D Touch.

The HTC Nexus 2016 will be the second phone that HTC will develop for the Internet giant. Her first-born under the name of HTC Nexus One this year just turned six years old, and it shown on the picture attached. In addition to the screen with the function of detecting the force of touch monoblock will get the Google Android operating system 7.0, currently announced and known under the code name of Android N that gives reason to the assumption of his autumn announcement.

Recall that in 2015 has released two new “nexus”: a very good 5X from LG and quite ugly and can break at any moment, 6R from China Huawei. They were both in early autumn and both become the world’s first mobile phones running Android 6.0 Marshmallow. Apparently, the new HTC Nexus 2016 awaits the same fate, and we can only hope that the level of quality it is above “phone” Nexus 6P. We will add that in a few days own HTC announces flagship One smartphone, the M10, which, likely, become the basis for a new Nexus 2016.

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