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The head of VAAID dispelled rumors about banning car retrofitting

Глава ВААИД развеял слухи о запрете переоборудования автоIn Ukraine will forbid to refit the car.

Bill No. 4683 on the return of the inspection and the complexity of the conversion of the car caused a wave of discussions among motorists.

But, according to the head of the Ukrainian Association avtoimporterov and dealers Oleg Nazarenko, prohibit the conversion of vehicles no one will, because the bill is a mistake.

“Quite simply, the article 32 error. The basic requirements regarding conversion of vehicles error and article 32 should be read as:

Not allowed the retrofitting of the vehicle without the consent of the vehicle manufacturer and their component parts, OR without the technical possibility and condition for safe conversion of the vehicle issued by a specially designated office ministrului and organization improvements that leads to a change of the total mass and its distribution on the axles place the center of gravity of the engine type, its weight and power, wheel base or wheel formulas, systems of brake control and power train, suspension, wheels, exterior lights and alarms, number of seats and seat design, emergency exits of buses, installation of LPG equipment, equipment for transporting children (school children), people with disabilities, of dangerous goods”, – he wrote on his page in Facebook.

“That is, you will need to have OR manufacturer consent OR permission from the authorized organization of the conversion. But I’m going to come up with an initiative to simplify the installation of LPG, legalization in the traffic police,”- said Nazarenko.

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