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The head of Stratfor: not drafte guys, but prepare for war

Just amazing in its candor and cynicism an interview with Business Insider gave the founder of the analytical company Stratfor George Friedman.

Глава Stratfor: не дрейфьте, ребята, а готовьтесь к войне

If words convey the essence of this gentleman in a few words, it will look as follows: pissing, guys, war is a necessary and normal phenomenon in our world. She just needed to shake the brain and kind of “purification” various human weaknesses. So, smaller may talk fluently, and a little more attention to preparation for future slaughter – if we are to fight, heartily.

You and after such a Declaration, the Creator of “shadow CIA”, will argue that the Lieutenant creates panic, constantly talking about the impending war?

“No, guys, it’s not so! All not so, guys!”…

The contradictions in the relations between world powers now reached the culminating point, because each of the conflicting parties, conceding to his opponents in detail, in the strategic plan aimed only at the destruction of their enemies in moral, economic, and, preferably, in the physical plans.

So George Friedman comes up with nothing in their predictions of an upcoming military conflict, but simply States the fact of their inevitability, “system error” in the existing world order.

Commenting on the words of Friedman, Business Insider writes that both world war were catastrophic evidence of instability of the international system, which allowed to wage war to resolve inter-state conflicts as a legitimate foreign policy measure, not a last resort.

And, despite the fact that after the Second world war, the political and legal systems of different States was built around the idea of preventing wars, the situation to date has changed dramatically for the worse – without the military conflict was impossible to solve international problems.

According to Friedman, at all times of human existence, analysts MISTAKENLY believed that there would come a time when there will be no need to solve problems by military means.

The expert contends that the decision of the accumulated problems through peaceful dialogue is IMPOSSIBLE a PRIORI, because in our world (“the matrix”, if you will) there is a “systemic failure” which is beyond our will leads to “systematic war” in every century, which, by forcing our “matrix” “to shudder in convulsions” [right orgasm of some kind!], leads her to a more or less steady state for a certain period of time – until the next “system failure”.

And the larger world system “will shudder in convulsions”, the longer time will be allotted to the next crisis.

According to the Friedman analysis, in any international system, has its “fatal flaws.” In this same system, he said, contains the germ of its own destruction. “When countries such as Germany, China and Russia are on the decline, and in their place come the others, and then start a system war. Then it becomes dangerous because these countries have not reached a balance… So now we are seeing systemic change. PREPARE FOR WAR”.

Prophetic Friedman, most likely at first will be Japan, Turkey and Poland. So war breaks out in Eastern Europe, the middle East. In addition, the U.S. expects a naval war with Japan: “Every time there are new powers, they need to find your balance. New States are gaining strength, old ones go down. Dangerous not the process itself, and the position of the country, which goes to a new level”

So what remains is simple humans to do in this situation? Nothing special: stock up on much needed items for the Russian soldier in the form of matches, rounds of vodka and, preferably, of fat, a minimal set which makes him invincible in any situation…

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