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The guards conducted tests of a new armored car

Пограничники проводят испытания нового броневикаUkrainian border guards are testing the Turkish armored car.

As already reported , Ukraine has been seen the Turkish armored vehicle Turkar Buffalo. As it turned out, he arrived not by accident. Yesterday, the state border service of Ukraine started tests of Turkish armored vehicles on the ground in Cherkasy region. They will last 30 days. But with it testing is another interesting car.

Turkish armored vehicle will go through a test cycle on the roads, patrolling and high-speed sections. In addition to armored vehicles, Ukrainian border guards have started a cycle of test and another interesting car – TURKAR CCVTECH. It is command-the staff car, with performance reminiscent of the Russian UAZ-3303. Turkish “UAZ” also expect the most severe tests on roads with different surface and in conditions as close to combat.

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As reported by the head of Department of armament and equipment of the Department of resource provision of the Administration of the state border service Colonel Sergey Bukaemskii: the results of these tests a decision will be made about the suitability of these vehicles in the future to strengthen the units of the SBGS in the area of ATO.

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