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The Greek cuisine. What to try

Not long ago, I wrote that most likely the summer will go to rest in Greece. Now I am not going to paint all of the reasons for this choice, but one of them can name. This is Greek cuisine.

Alas, a simple tourist is not always able to get to the right restaurant and taste some really local food. Many often judge the entire cuisine that is served in restaurants. And it has to do with how I’m going to the ballet.
Alas, you can go wrong with choosing a restaurant because some establishments usually serve food which is fit over the standard under the European stomach.

Греческая кухня. Что попробовать

How, then, should be in this case? How to eat real Greek cuisine? It’s very simple. The Greeks are quite sociable and happy to go on contact. Almost any of them will tell You about local attractions that you can see and of course about restaurants that are worth a visit. Feel free to indicate that You are interested in good food, but not the pathos of the refectory.

So. What to try in Greece?

Well, firstly, any salads from fresh vegetables. You yum when you get tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, peppers, herbs and liberally pour it all with olive oil. And combined with the hot and soft bread…m-m-m..

Греческая кухня. Что попробовать

In addition, on the Greek table is the mandatory dish is the meat on the spit roast, preferably lamb, mutton, pork, beef, goat and rabbit. I will never forget how on Easter we were treated to a young lamb. I’ve never eaten anything tastier than meat.

Греческая кухня. Что попробовать

What else is popular in cooking?

Often the Greeks love to cook with ground beef: stuffed cabbage leaf, kebab, casserole of meat and macaroni (pastitsio), burgers.

But sea food not so great. But few institutions can boast the ability to cook shrimp, squid, mussels and delicious fish.

Drinks would advise to pay attention to “Frappe”. This is a coffee with milk and ice. Very refreshing and thirst quenching. Also popular coffee Ellinikotatos. To make it clearer, this is about as Turkish coffee. A small Cup of strong beverage with a glass of cold water.

Греческая кухня. Что попробовать

As You know, in Greece there is something to drink)) of Course, this “Ouzo” and “Metaxa”. First, actually the same thing as “Cancer”, but more pleasant to the taste. The second is often confused with cognac, although this has nothing to do with it.

If you love wine, here the choice is huge. And this is nutmeg, and red dry, and Rhodes, and many others. The main thing is to try. Shops, as a rule, a lot and everywhere You will taste the drink.

Греческая кухня. Что попробовать

Separately want to mention the cheese. For example, many well-known feta, which is sold in many of our stores. But there’s this cheese has a different taste. Also recommend to try the baked grilled cheese “Halloumi”.

Греческая кухня. Что попробовать

What?! Don’t forget anything? There is here, lovers of Greece and Greek cuisine? Advise what other food and drinks? And maybe someone will be able to tell about the place, which could leave you with happy memories?

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