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Russian beef is No. 1 in the world

Российская говядина — № 1 в мире

Often memories of travel are associated with food, and Russia is no exception. People who recently visited Russia, often say that the beef dishes were much tastier.

According to my friend, who accompanies a tour group, the disappointment of the food spoils the impression about the travel to Russia.

We — those who live in Russia, sometimes come to the conclusion that Russian beef is No. 1 in the world. In this regard, in this article I would like to tell you about the Russian beef — and try to improve the image of Russia.

Due to the economic sanctions, stopped the import of high quality beef

Delicious Russian beef and steak houses where you can enjoy a beef steak, appeared in Moscow recently, in 2010.

In 2014, Western countries have imposed sanctions in connection with the conflict in Ukraine, and Russia has banned the import of products from the sanctions countries. Therefore, import of high quality beef to replace the Russian. Increased the number of steakhouses, where they cook Russian meat.

If we talk about the quality of the beef to the imposition of sanctions, then the above comments travellers get straight to the point.

Since the beef was tough and tasteless and had served under various sauces, such as mushroom — so that the client didn’t even remember that he eats beef. Or beef was served in the form of beef Stroganoff. Steaks almost did not eat.

As for the skewers, the popular pork or lamb. Beef was expensive and tasteless.

Why Russian beef has no taste? According to various experts, the reason is the Soviet legacy. Since the Soviet Union in Russia were mostly common dairy products, for the production of which the whole country bred dairy cows.

As a result, were more likely to eat pork, poultry or lamb. Cows needed to produce milk. Beef is sometimes eaten, but it was meat cows not giving milk, so as to not speak.

But the Soviet Union ceased to exist. In 2000-ies Russia is becoming a rich country growing at the expense of export of energy resources. Money allow Russia to import any delicious foods.

So the Russians met with imported beef and learned the taste of real meat. A large number of restaurants that use imported beef: among them Louisiana, specializing in American beef, “TORRO Grill” where you can taste Argentine beef.

As a result, people have doubts: “worldwide, the beef called the Queen of meat. In all the cities in the West served beef steaks from local meat, and they are very popular. Why do we, Russians, are unable to taste delicious Russian beef?”

The project for the improvement of beef

At the initiative of President Dmitry Medvedev, who is sometimes criticized for Pro-Western views, in November 2008 adopted the law on the improvement of flavouring qualities of Russian beef.

How advanced is the project? At the helm stood the Ministry of agriculture. A team of various specialists decided to breed cows breed black Angus.

In order in a short time to breed the cows of this breed and start to put meat all over Russia, was an enormous industrial structure. For a start the choice fell on the two largest importers, which imported meat from abroad: “Miratorg” and “Zarechnaya”.

These companies were granted large loans so that they by combining functionally related businesses could make in Russia the breed is black Angus.

By the way, the Association of functionally related businesses means that one company must perform all activities: breeding, fattening, beef production, processing and sale.

It’s completely different from the production of high quality beef in Japan, where different companies are responsible for their area of work: farmers bred bulls and some time sell them to beef producers.

When the USSR appeared the necessity of development of new industry, the primary role assumed by the state. It created a new structure bringing together functionally related enterprises. For example, the Soviet automakers, including AVTOVAZ, worked on the scheme.

The Ministry of agriculture tried to apply this approach to farming in the XXI century.

Two Russian companies, well versed in Western markets, and have partners in Russia, appealed to the United States.

American farming began to develop in 2000-ies. The first branch that used combining functionally related businesses, was the poultry industry. Then the U.S. had some success in breeding pigs. Then big companies started the production of beef. In this sense, we can say that the US and Russia modernized farming the same pace.

Copy of the American farm

With the opening of the joint Russian-American companies came to Russia experts from the United States, which suffered American farmers in the Russian conditions.

In addition, Russian producers began to import high-quality genetic material of the breed black Angus.

This breed was developed in Scotland. Its meat was found to be the finest in the world, with the result that the black Angus started to raise everywhere. Most successful in this United States.

Currently, the American method of breeding is considered exemplary. When watching photos of the company “Miratorg”, which has the American Rodeo in the Russian territory, know that the economy truly has no boundaries.

It is quite natural that the Russian planned economy did not bring success. It developed only when managers overestimated performance, and in other exceptional cases. In this sense, the project for the improvement of beef has become an example of an extremely successful undertaking.

The company “Miratorg” breeds cattle breed black Angus in 2008, she started with a few bulls. Now the number of livestock has 200 thousand cattle on 37 farms located in the Bryansk and other regions.

The farm “Zarechny is located in Voronezh. It is worth noting that the direct distance from Bryansk to Voronezh is only 300 kilometers. Interestingly, two large farms are located in the conjugate regions. Meanwhile, Russian animal was born here.

In Soviet times, across the country have established state farms and collective farms, however, this region specialized in animal husbandry. Therefore, it is extremely rational to establish new farms in this region because it preserved the farming tradition.

What is the taste of Russian black Angus? According to the American consultant, who visited “Nina”, in the Russian meat cows of this breed there is a more uniform distribution of the veins of fat.

Russian meat won restaurants

Therefore, this balanced the meat is very good for cooking steaks. The reason for this is stress-free method of breeding in which animals can move freely through the spacious pastures.

Now customers stand in line in the capital’s supermarkets and steak houses such tasty meat. Russia is still under sanctions by Western countries, and Russian beef no restrictions.

This is gourmet food that you can eat, not limiting themselves in anything.

There is one addition: speaking of steak, we should not forget about the wine. In recent years, the Russian wine industry is developing at such a rapid pace that I even want to talk about it in one of his articles.

One of the most popular restaurants — “no Fish”, which opened in October last year at the beginning of Nikolskaya street.

This restaurant together with Miratorg” opened by Arkady Novikov Group, also owns elite restaurants in the West.

Of course, meat restaurant on 100% provides the company “Miratorg”. The staff consists of specialists in meat and sommeliers, which provides the company Novikov. The prices are somewhat lower than the prices in similar restaurants.

For example, a 300 gram rib-eye steak costs 2500 rubles, which is slightly cheaper than Japanese steak houses. The distinctive feature of this restaurant is that you can order not only a portion for one person, but a kilogram or two kilograms of meat.

The other day we had lunch at this restaurant with my Japanese friends. Extremely surprised that this small restaurant had as many as three companies of Japanese.

The fact that the Japanese are very fond of meat. The administration of the restaurant is not trying to put all the Japanese in one place. During the booking stage she States citizenship and accordingly arranges the tables. Novikov — well done!

Meals for company JAL

However, there are problems. It is very difficult to book places.

One of the Japanese companies paid attention to steaks from the “Miratorg”, which are very popular among the Japanese and the Russians. This company — the Moscow branch of Japan Airlines.

Branch Director Mr. Hamada (Hamada) last year began negotiations with Tokyo about the possibility to use these steaks in an onboard power supply. In June of this year, it was decided to provide them on the flight 422 Moscow — Tokyo. If you use the airline JAL, so you can try the acclaimed Russian meat. This service will make the airline’s services more attractive.

If you will have the opportunity to go to Russia, try the steak, Russian beef. I don’t doubt that your view of Russia will change.

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