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The government is not best strong ruble

Правительству не выгоден сильный рубль
At the end of October 2014 there have been fluctuations of the market, which was very difficult to interpret otherwise than insider trading of the Bank of Russia. Currency speculators knew exactly what and how to do the Bank of Russia. Ms. Nabiullina said that we need to artificially create a shortage of money. No one in the country is not the money, and then there will be low inflation. What this will lead to the destruction of the country and destroyed the country, as in Somalia and Haiti, no investment will not be even with low inflation, ” she didn’t care. Her fantasy is not enough – she’s a liberal. The difference between the direction the U.S. Federal reserve and MS Nabiullina is not that the fed sitting, smart people, but MS Nabiullina not a very smart person. Another difference: the fed serves the interests of America. And who is Ms. Nabiullina – the big question.
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