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The government does not want to cancel the transport tax

Правительство не хочет отменять транспортный налог

The government of the Russian Federation opposed the complete abolition of vehicle tax. The conclusion was published on the official website of the Cabinet. According to members of the Government, the abolition of the tax would lead to a drastic reduction of road funds of subjects.

The fact that the transport tax along with excise taxes on petroleum products is one of the main sources of the road funds of the regions, therefore, its abolition will result in a shortfall in income. Thus, the budgets of the subjects can lose up to 146.2 billion rubles. However how to compensate for lost income — is unclear.

In return the Government has offered to provide owners of trucks with allowed maximum mass exceeding 12 tonnes, a tax deduction for the transportation tax, reported IA “SeverInform”.

In the opinion of the Cabinet, it can be equal to the sum now truckers pay through the system “Platon” on account of compensation of harm to highways of General use of Federal importance.

We will remind, with the initiative to cancel the transport tax previously made by the group of deputies of the state Duma.

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