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The French dropped to the level of the Swedes

Europeans from time to time proves that the spy mania is spread through the air by some mysterious air currents over Northern Europe.

I call these air flows are enigmatic, because they, since the 80-ies of the last century, several decades were circling over the Baltic sea, bringing to mind the hapless descendants of the Vikings from Sweden in attempts to find Russian submarine. The Swedes succeeded in their efforts that, apparently, the water in the Baltic sea began to boil, and fluids of the character together with water vapor by the wind is beginning to carry across the European continent.

First they (the fluids) reached the UK (just wonder how they tossed off by the poles?)

The British, unlike the Swedes, the people are red-haired and serious, therefore, proved to superspecialists: one set of sound signals, of unknown origin, they determined the type of Russian submarine, and weapons (the exact number of missiles and torpedoes), the number of crew members and the exact course submarines, allegedly headed straight to the White house.

Well, to intimidate the impudent Russian submariners, the British decided to send its nuclear submarine to patrol its shores – it is necessary to keep the prestige of Maritime power, which “rules the seas”!

However, the British nuclear-powered submarine collided with ice floe in his first “battle” and the output was forced to be the repair, after which smart, the British, unlike the stupid Swedes, decided to stop this clownery…

But water vapor is infected with spy mania continues to walk in Europe! And in the end he got to France.

The French decided to diversify the program to detect Russian submarines rather original way: it SEEMS to BE SPOTTED, BUT AT the same TIME AND are NOT SURE; it SEEMS to BE CAUGHT “by the HAND”, BUT AT the same TIME DOUBT WHOSE IT is; it SEEMS to BE FOUND EVEN the name of the SUBMARINE, BUT AT the same TIME NOT SURE.

Французы опустились до уровня шведов

As always, thought the Lieutenant lied a little? Yes? Well, then let’s read the “fog” that circulated on the pages of the French publication Le Marin about the discovery of French Navy in the Bay of Biscay “mysterious Russian submarine”.

So, despite the fact that the submarine “mysterious”, it is still RUSSIAN! (well, whose else could she be?) Moreover even it is POSSIBLE the name BS-64 “suburbs” recently updated “submarine-spy”.

The surprise of the French no limit – SUCH as a Russian submarine “lit up” the French coasts? After all, she should be able to”dissolve” in the water and be invisible! (that’s right, fools, you wonder – it simply was not there!)

And suddenly the Russian (or any other) divers attracted by an appetizing smell of fried frog legs? Why the French exclude such variant? ))))

But the French are not to stalewski jokes, they seriously think that that “the suburbs” COULD have spotted in the Bay of Biscay, near the base of the French nuclear submarines, they say, there is nothing surprising in this – all of the navies with nuclear-powered missile cruisers “are interested in what is happening at colleagues”: “the Russians are doing the same as everyone else. But here they were caught by the hand”.

Damn, again this mysterious “hand”! Where is she, you ask? Show it, please! And it is desirable that this mysterious Russian hand was the inscription “Russkaja podvodnaja lodka Podmoskov’e”…

But no such proof and there is no trace. But the French are happy as children that, in their opinion, the Russian submarine, OBVIOUSLY, their mission failed and the French Navy now known for its acoustic signature – it will now be able anytime, anywhere and easily discover…

I want to ask you “frogs”: I’m sorry, you guys, what’s lagostina overeat and you feel nauseous? What other “acoustic signature”, even if you are not sure that it was a Russian submarine?

Idiots, you would at least to begin with find out for themselves, AND WHETHER you had a SUBMARINE “the SUBURBS” in GENERAL FROM THEIR HOME PORT OR NOT?

Yes, as Lavrov was right in his intemperance, as is right: “something very obscene language to me asking”

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