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The foreign Ministry warned Russians about threat of arrest abroad

МИД предупредил россиян об угрозе ареста за границей

The Ministry of foreign Affairs of Russia of predopredelyaet traveling outside the country that the threat of being detained or arrested at the request of U.S. intelligence remains.

The Ministry noted that the States continues to be unacceptable “hunting” for Russians, ignoring the calls for cooperation in the field of mutual legal assistance in criminal matters. As an example, the foreign Ministry cited a recent extradition from Finland to the USA three Russian citizens – Senaha M. V., E. A. Sergeeva and V. M. Serov.

Along with this, the Department stated that the United States engaged in the abduction of Russian citizens, Recalling that in 2010 in Liberia was captured and secretly taken to the United States, the pilot Konstantin Yaroshenko. “Those arrested so the Russians are experiencing prejudiced attitudes from the us “justice”. Them in every possible way, including direct threats, trying to persuade him to admitting his / her guilt, despite her many charges, and in case of refusal of such recognition is sentenced to large prison terms” – said the foreign Ministry.

The Ministry said that its missions abroad have always had and will continue to provide full consular and legal assistance to Russians who are in trouble. However, it has recommended to citizens to carefully weigh the risks when planning foreign trips. “Especially if there is reason to believe the complaints from American law enforcement authorities”, – stated in the message.

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