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The first signs and symptoms of heart attack in women

Первые признаки и симптомы инфаркта у женщинIn the case of women doctors say about atypical heart attack symptoms that may be confused with symptoms of other diseases.

According to one survey, about half of women who suffered a heart attack, recently had difficulty sleeping.

From cardiovascular diseases (which include, in particular, a heart attack affects both men and women, especially in adulthood. In European countries, such as Spain, these diseases are the first cause of death for women, surpassing diseases such as breast cancer and ovarian cancer.

Experts are seriously concerned that women are generally less concerned about the health of your heart and blood vessels. So, they are less often and later than men, ask for advice to doctors on the health of the cardiovascular system. Without a doubt, this explains the increase in the level of women’s mortality from such diseases.

A heart attack is accompanied by pronounced General symptoms that indicate a serious problem. But in the case of the beautiful half of humanity often it comes to atypical symptoms of heart attack that may be confused with symptoms of other diseases. Because of this, the reaction to them may be inappropriate and untimely.

Risk factors

A heart attack can catch us unawares at any moment, without warning. Of course, there are some factors that increase the risk of encountering this problem:

High cholesterol
A sedentary lifestyle

For people leading a healthy lifestyle, very small chance of developing a heart attack. Of course, there are situations that are difficult to predict. For example, it happens that the person lives with congenital abnormalities of the heart and does not know about their existence.

Heart and heart attack

In many cases the development of heart attack is accompanied by some atypical symptoms, which may be taken by the patient or by the physician for symptoms of other diseases. In fact, many experts admit that in some respects it is very difficult to diagnose a heart attack.

Of course, in those cases, when the patient discovered a predisposition to heart attack, and this threat is very real, probability of timely response to these symptoms and carry out tests on much higher.

Whether you’re at risk or not, in any case, it is important to imagine what might be unusual symptoms of this serious disease. Them every woman should know. It is also worth considering that these signs can be felt for several days or even weeks.


Normally we tend to write off fatigue to poor sleep, certain medication or repeated stressful situations that we face.

When we feel tired too often, and the fatigue becomes so strong that not strong enough for anything, this may be the first Wake-up call. These symptoms may indicate the approach of a heart attack or other cardiovascular disease.

According to the study, which surveyed patients who have had heart attacks, 70% of respondents said that they experienced severe fatigue for several days or weeks before a heart attack.


Insomnia, which is also related to fatigue, can be considered another atypical symptom of imminent heart attack in women. Of course, insomnia can have many causes, but it is also impossible to ignore the following data.

The study showed that about half of women who suffered a heart attack, recently had difficulty sleeping.

The cough and feeling of shortness of breath

You do not suffer from diseases of the respiratory system and suddenly start to experience problems, for example, it becomes difficult to take a deep breath? It can appear suddenly when you’re busy about their usual business. While you begin to disturb the strange cough, which you can’t explain.

All this also may indicate an impending heart attack. While it may be true that this condition is due to other health problems.

Increased acidity and discomfort in the abdomen

Heartburn or a burning sensation, bloating after meals can also be early signs of heart attack in women. According to experts, about 40% of women who survived a heart attack, have experienced before that similar ailments.

Dizziness and excessive sweating

Although these symptoms in women often accompanies menopause, it was observed that these symptoms can be distressing and before the onset of a heart attack.

About 40% of women who have had heart attacks, complained of dizziness or stupor. Another 40% were bothered by a cold sweat.

Unexplained anxiety

The emergence of anxiety, for which no reason is also a symptom, which must be treated carefully. Especially if this feeling is accompanied by unpleasant sensations or tingling in your chest.

So, a third of patients reported that shortly before the onset of the heart attack they suffered bouts of inexplicable anxiety. Also worth bearing in mind that stress and anxiety are factors that increase the risk of heart attack.

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