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The first exit on perch

After the formation of ice fish biting begins immediately, because the underwater inhabitants, and fish, and food, requires certain time to adapt to a changed environment. In the early days of “glaciation” all life under water is in a state of shock, caused by thermal effect and a sharp decrease in light below the ice.

As the long-term observations before the others to the jump temperature adapts to the ever-hungry coastal change, including medium-sized and numerous perches everywhere-travanti living in shallow water, where the water is already cold. So when the first exits on the ice the most predictable, and profitable gambling will be fishing in the area of small depths when used as bait, a narrow silver of bleszinki, well imitating fry the main feed voracious perch. Here is “striped” or more often caught in Pology, or under the ice, where they “squeeze out” the flock of little things, depriving its freedom of maneuver.

The tactical work of the fisherman while trolling perch at the beginning of freeze-up is to search for homogeneous terrain shallow water accumulations of predator, as they say, perch “spots”. Only in flock perch active, resides in the passion and so instantly attacks the lure, which appeared in his field of vision. Then, to the excitement of the predator has not disappeared, and even more intensified, it is necessary to maintain a high rate of catching, trying out of the hole another trophy to instantly apply the bait in the water. Thus, despite the small depth of fishing, it is useful to gradually shorten the line a bit, forcing the flock of perches to climb higher and higher, sometimes under the ice. This technique allows to increase the speed of catching. But it’s better to do it only in cloudy weather, so as not to spook the fish. Sometimes, on a Sunny day after the next “lift” the fish bite up suddenly cease, and with difficulty found the flock scattered.

To maintain high-speed catching of a perch on parvaldu need to determine the type of effective bait. While the fish is still active, there is no special need to use lures with overly prowling the game. At the time of pervolakia so as not to break a compact flock of predators under the hole far going in the direction of the lure, is better to use a relatively heavy, a little deviant when diving from vertical lures. Such lures, playing literally at a point, for example, can be attributed spinners called “pinks”, “column”, “Malek” — narrow in form, with small bending of the body and substantially weighted at the bottom. At the beginning of freeze-up many anglers get good results for bass with bait under the name “blockhead”. It is, of course, can hardly be attributed to the jigs or spinners is the main thing, “blockhead”, which are longitudinal in shape sinker with two hooks on leashes, does not have a private game and fishing technique similar to trolling, moves only vertically.

Trolling on parvaldu is not limited to coastal fishing “standard” sized bass, whose weight rarely exceeds 200 grams. In many large reservoirs, lakes, deep pits, river backwaters there is always a large population of deep bass. This is a serious predator with a complex lifestyle. But his interests sometimes intersect with small “striped”. Big perch is a known cannibal, devouring large quantities of small perch, as the most accessible food in the icy water, therefore the whale mater may well occur close to the detected clusters of small perch. Usually these are isolated cases, due to the fact that large perch rare form numerous flocks. So hunt them, Zander and pike is best in the typical places of their winter habitat. First, the strengthening of ice have to go to large bodies of water; secondly, the fish to look for here the characteristic bottom topography and at considerable depths.

It is clear that for deep fishing with a jig will need another tackle — more powerful and mobile than for fishing in shallow water. Its power is provided by a solid whip and use as a thin fishing line braid, is not superfluous and a metal leash to avoid annoying loss of bait and fish after you grasp toothy pike. Mobility is necessary when moving from place to place or when changing holes gives the reel of a big diameter that allows to quickly select or clear fishing line. For the same reason, and bait desirable to use a sufficiently heavy that its own weight to spin has been removed from the brake coil and to quickly get to the horizon.

In addition, in whatever stage or was the winter season, a solid size perch rarely responds positively to bait with excessively active game. Apparently, the potential food of large predator, at great depths in winter, is leading a slow lifestyle, saving energy, and experiencing a lack of oxygen. But while big perch are very active, its the most stable catch relatively heavy balance weights on certain models of the massive and narrow vertical spinners, characterized by a monotonic game. To equip the latter, as practice shows, the most important thing is to not use the soldered hook and hanging threeway, with only a slight, not densely pubescent with red hairs, because of excessive decoration often spoils the game a good bait.

Mobile tee attractive to the predator for the reason that deep bass usually does the grip of the spinners not when its dumping down, as does the small “striped”, and at the stage of damped oscillations is not even the bait, and it is “decorated” hooks. Therefore, when fishing at great depth, with rocker and with a vertical jig, not a lure to pull up abruptly and to great heights that may scare cautious fish. The best result usually gives rise to the bait with a small acceleration to a height of 10-50 cm and a free dump down where the fall would be slowed and a bit softened due to the friction of the line on the water and the ice edge in the hole. It is very important each cycle of Troll-bait, consisting of a lifting and dumping, to repeat one to one, then in the presence of fish under the hole the bite will happen sooner or later, but by making the game crashing, then again have to “adjust” the perch on the grip.

It is important to understand that trolling of any predator — it is very “intimate”, and then the shameless interference of others and, worse, randomly, awkwardly twitching under water baits can completely ruin hardly a streamlined process of fishing. Correct ethical and will not “chop off” of the fisherman who found catchability place, it is better to look for “their” fish, the more that you can do it on thin ice quite easily. And fishing ethics should be paramount, otherwise every “obrusevshih” another, sooner or later he will be in the unenviable role of “chopped”.

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