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The first detailed photos of the smartphone HTC 10 hit the Net

In the Internet found the first high quality and very detailed photos of the smartphone HTC 10, announcement of which is expected next month. Images allow us to consider many details not only of the exterior candy bar, but even of the interior, and the machine is actually significantly different from its predecessor in terms of appearance.

In the pictures the HTC 10 is depicted in two body colors — dark gray and silver, but it is not excluded the probability of occurrence and other shades. The upper end of the body is here decorated with a 3.5-mm input for headphones, and along with the plastic insert, the purpose of which is not yet known. Bottom the manufacturer has placed symmetrical port USB type-C, replacing the outdated microUSB, and next to it set a microphone and only one speaker — contrary to rumors, the stereo in this model all the same will not be.

Plastic inserts are on the back side HTC 10, and here they are for the smooth operation of the antennas communication modules — wifi, Bluetooth, GSM, GPS, 3G and LTE. Without them, the signal quality would leave much to be desired because the casing is all metal and screens as well as the tin foil. Back also you can see the peephole main camera, which is dual led flash. Just below is the laser autofocus.

The announcement of HTC 10, previously known first as One M10, and then as One 10, to be held on April 12, and HTC is positioning it as a completely new vision of mobile communication. Actually, this is the easy renaming — the manufacturer does not want the model associated with previous smartphones.

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