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The famous personality who refused just at the Zenith of fame. Photo

Знаменитые личности, отказавшиеся от всего в зените славы. ФотоThey were different reasons.

The majority of people go their whole lives aspire to a better life, the dream. But, when it happens that the objectives are achieved and desire fulfilled, some continue to want more, others satisfied with what I have, but others simply deny benefits. This review presents 5 historical figures who renounced everything at the peak of fame.

Shakyamuni Buddha

Знаменитые личности, отказавшиеся от всего в зените славы. Фото

According to legend, Siddhartha Gautama was the son of an Indian Raja. When the boy was born, who came to bless his old man, found the child 32 features pointing to a great future. Father decided to best protect his son from the contemplation of the imperfect world and put him in the Palace of pleasure. Almost 30 years the heir was surrounded by only young and beautiful people who brought the best food and gratified soul with conversations about spirituality.

But one day the Prince outside his garden, and saw life as it was actually, without embellishment. Siddhartha never came back to the Palace. He roamed the markets, begging for food, talked with the preachers. At the age of 35, under the Bodhi tree, Siddhartha Gautama attained enlightenment and became the founder of one of the key religions of the world. Sage got the name Buddha Shakyamuni, which means “the Awakened sage of the Shakya”.

Emperor Diocletian

Знаменитые личности, отказавшиеся от всего в зените славы. Фото

Emperor Diocletian, whose reign was dubbed “the return of the Golden age”, was born in the family of a former slave, had a distinguished military career and was elected to the highest leadership position of Rome. During his tenure Diocletian strengthened the borders of the state, seized the economic situation in the Empire, stopped the civil war. But the people were dissatisfied enough lush celebration of Rome’s victory in the next war. Diocletian abdicated and went away to his fortress home. Once the correspondence between the former Emperor and successor asked whether Diocletian to return to the post, he replied: “If you saw what I grew cabbage, it would cease to ask these stupid questions!”

JD Salinger

Знаменитые личности, отказавшиеся от всего в зените славы. Фото

Jerome Salinger was born in a pious family of a new York Rabbi. Dad didn’t want to see in the son of writer and otherwise interfered with it. After graduation, Jerome began the Second world war, and he voluntarily went to the front. He met his idol Ernest Hemingway, who inspired an aspiring writer on the further development of literary talent.

After returning to new York, Salinger took their stories to the newspaper New Yorker, and from that moment he gained fame. In 1951 the writer released his main work “the catcher in the rye”, which is called the Bible for Teens. In a few years, Salinger suddenly moved to new Hampshire and stopped all public activities. He left the house only three times daily to disperse the prying journalists. Until 1965, the year the writer has published, and then stopped it. Salinger practiced Zen Buddhism and in meditation. This continued until death (2010) once the most fashionable writer of America.

Bobby Fischer

Знаменитые личности, отказавшиеся от всего в зените славы. Фото

American Bobby Fischer on the right is considered a genius of chess. He was the first in the U.S. at the age of 13. In 1970, in a legendary confrontation with Boris Spassky, Bobby Fischer took the Soviet grandmaster title of world champion. It was a triumph of the genius of chess player. But, to everyone’s surprise, Fisher did not continue his career. He donated much of his winnings to the Church, and he wandered for cheap apartments. Bobby Fischer led a boring and mediocre life. The paparazzi thought that the player was afraid to be defeated and left on top.

In 1990 was a sensation: between Fischer and Spassky was held in the rematch. The competition was held in Yugoslavia, which at that time was considered an enemy to the United States. The American authorities issued an ultimatum for violating the ban the player faces 10 years in prison. Bobby Fisher went and won the tournament with a prize pool of $ 5 million. His triumph after the player spent the rest of his life in Japan, Hungary, Iceland.

Edward VIII

Знаменитые личности, отказавшиеся от всего в зените славы. Фото

Having ascended to the throne in 1936, the British monarch Edward VIII ruled the country for less than a year. The fact that the king wanted to marry, but his fiancee was unroyal blood. Edward VIII delivered an ultimatum to the Parliament: either he marries American Wallis Simpson, or abdicates. Power does not surrender to the capricious monarch, and the throne passed to his younger brother king George VI.

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