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The economist said the lack of investigation in connection with Putin offshore

Экономист заявил об отсутствии в расследовании связи Путина с офшорами

Materials about the alleged corrupt relations the entourage of President of Russia Vladimir Putin does not bind the head of state with the system of offshore companies. This opinion in an interview with RFI was expressed by the head of the economic program of the Carnegie Moscow center Andrei Movchan.

“What is written, Putin has nothing with nothing to do. Journalists love to write beautiful words. But the material that we submitted, does not associate Putin with this situation, except that we are talking about his friends. I have too many friends. And my friends are doing different business. You can try and bind me with all my friends,” said Movchan.

According to him, 300 journalists for several years, with millions in offshore documents, did not find anything about the friends of the President, except that they take loans. “The main conclusion from this story that we overestimate the evil with which you are dealing. What these people who convinced acquaintances, influence and opportunities, to reproach in something, except that they, like everyone else, are doing business through offshore companies, it is impossible”, — said Movchan.

April 4, the press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov said that the Kremlin is disappointed with the quality of the journalistic community. “Continue information exercise against the President. Waited. Announced. These stuffing continued. I admit that we waited more than qualified outcome of this journalistic community,” said Sands. He added that “in fact not much new was announced, the details are missing, everything else is based on the arguments and speculations”.

On 3 April, the international consortium of investigative journalism (ICIJ), together with the Organization by reporting on organized crime and corruption (OCCRP) published material in which it is alleged that members of the “inner circle” of the President of Russia was transferred via offshore company in Panama, the virgin Islands and in Cyprus at least two billion dollars. While Putin’s name doesn’t appear in documents. In its investigation, the authors used “an unprecedented leak of millions of documents” from the database Mossack Fonseca, the fourth biggest in the world offshore law firm.

March 28, Peskov warned about “the blatant assassination.” under the guise of investigative journalism, which are being prepared for publication in the Western media. He told reporters about the requests made “in the manner of interrogation” made by the Kremlin administration. Requests sent to the international consortium of investigative journalism, as well as “known to the news Agency”.

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