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The driver of the Porsche Cayenne after racing with police was covered by the Pope-General

Водитель Porsche Cayenne после гонок с полицией прикрывался папой-генералом

In the South of Moscow the driver of a Porsche Cayenne staged a race with the police, and after the arrest threatened the guards with daddy issues-General. On Tuesday, June 21, according to Life.

The night before, in the prospect of Andropov, the traffic police tried to stop the Porsche, which continued to move at a red light and almost hit pedestrians. The driver disobeyed their demands and tried to escape, in violation of traffic rules. In the Parking lot at Kolomenskoye Park reckless driver jumped out of the car and fled, but police caught up and arrested him. The driver resisted.

It is established that the offender 20 — year-old Artyom M. According to witnesses, during the detention, he was acting strange, falling, and demanded to call an ambulance. In this pass the medical examination, the young man refused. Together with the driver in the car were two girls.

Life reports that detainee promised the police to cause trouble with her father, which is allegedly a General. “You know what will happen to you? I number remember,” he said.

May 22, on Leninsky Prospekt in Moscow Golden youth staged a race with the police on This. According to the investigation, when the car ran the traffic police, the young people continued to engage in dangerous maneuvers, “which posed a real threat to life and health” of the police. As reported in law enforcement, in the car, in particular, was the son of the Vice-President of “LUKOIL” Ruslan Shamsuarov. He and the other defendants in the criminal case charged with the threat of violence and insult against a representative of authorities.

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