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“The dream comes true and not true, brother?

Here you and! If you believe the statement of Vladimir Putin, almost half the working population of Russia works in a garage, the shadow economy.

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin instructed to deal with the problems of the shadow (“garage”) economy, in which entrepreneurs are cash payments and workers receive their wages “in envelopes” and hide income from the government authorities. It is reported by news Agency Bloomberg with reference to the meeting in the Kremlin on economic policy, who requested anonymity.

Police officers, prosecutors and high taxes are forcing workers and entrepreneurs to remain in the shadow, stated Putin at the meeting, which was attended by Ministers, advisers and regional officials, Agency sources said. Putin instructed to find a way to bring Russian business out of the shadow and motivate him to legalize its operations, reported the news Agency” https://news.rambler.ru/politics/34182937/.

Filed in July 2010, the economically active population of Russia amounted to 76,1 million people, and the country is a steady decline in the number of working age citizens.

To dream of formalizing the “garage” of the economy in the current environment is not bad, but not executable.

However, theoretically, bring the economy out of the shadows is not difficult, getting rid of the ruling regime and returning to the bosom of the democratic structure of government institutions, the transition to stimulating the development of the tax system and to create a favorable legal business environment in Russia.

If the present mode of government, this noble and useful for the development of the country idea is not feasible, since not eliminate the causes that drove almost half of the working population in the shadow of the “garages.”

Who will touch the support and guarantee of the preservation of the current rulers – the police and the Prosecutor’s office? No one in the government will not go to rip “guardians of the regime” from the “breadwinners” businessmen, merchants and entrepreneurs. The more “garage” economy, the higher the income kryshevateley-security officials.

Even more difficult for the regime to get away from the fiscal tax system with high taxes, providing until recently, the welfare of Putin’s “vertical of power”.

The participants of the “shadow” economy, one left white, like the economy, is unlikely to return under any noncompliance entrepreneurship and private business taxes, and in the bosom of the “economic rights”, making all participants in the entrepreneurial activities of potential infringers of the Russian economic legislation.

"Мечта сбывается и не сбывается", брат?

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