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The damage to the economy from Syria war amounts to $922 billion

Ущерб экономике Сирии от войны составляет $922 млрд

Reconstruction of Syria will need 922 billion if the military conflict in the region will cease in 2016. This amount is 140 times the size of the humanitarian aid, which expects to provide the world community Syria. This is stated in the report of the consulting company in the field of Economics Frontier Economics by order of World Vision.

Experts estimate possible damage to the economy of Syria more than 1.7 trillion dollars, in the case of the military conflict continued up to 2020.

The report notes that five years of war in Syria the country’s GDP per capita fell by 45 percent, compared to potential GDP in the absence of conflict. Moreover, the war in Syria had an impact on the economies of other countries in the region. So, Lebanon, according to expert estimates, has lost about 23 percent of GDP.

According to the report, more than 470 thousand people were killed in the war in Syria, including more than 11 thousand children. 13.5 million people in need of humanitarian assistance, among whom 6 million are children.

The report States that about 4.7 million people have fled the war to neighboring countries: Turkey, Lebanon and Jordan. 1.2 million people asked for asylum in Europe.

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