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The cry of the soul is Putin working normally prevents?

Крик души - это вам Путин работать нормально мешает?

Here some folks don’t like Putin much.
Well I do not like and do not like. In Russia they are a minority (not much love). And the world such a lot.

And they say:
– What’s your great Putin waited 15 years and has not removed the country from oil addiction?

Well not exactly Putin has put the country on the oil needle. And the needle we are bragging, while oil is expensive.
Here we have the forces of the Russians.
It’s as if he poured something very hard to refuse.
How to give up, when you pour?
How to forgo cheap imports, if give cheap imports?

I’m deeply convinced that as we live, we all (Russians) to blame. In addition to physically unhealthy, of course.

Each one has its own part of the blame.
Officials to blame – let them meet there. I don’t relate to peace officials – let them do by themselves or someone will take care of them.

But we are ordinary workers and managers – we’re all to blame for the mess and disorganization.

I am indebted to the work – organize major projects.
I choose good workers from dozens, from hundreds. Barely found a group of good people – and then it turned out that they are lazy, screws up, don’t want to fully elaborate the proposed features.

I give people tens of orders – some and half do not work.

They all want money.
If you just give.

All come and ask:
– Give more money. I want more of. I have children. I have credits. Prices are rising.

But nobody came to me and said:
– I need more money. Give more work.
I would give money and work.

But no! None of the dozens of people I had not come and said those words!

I every day from morning until late evening encounter
laziness, sloppiness, unwillingness and inability to work, lack of organization, carelessness, irresponsibility and so on and so on and so forth among workers.

We all are going to work perfectly in their places?

If so – let’s work.
If not, then why do we need someone to provide a beautiful well-fed life?
Now begins the summer – every day I see in the yards of the eternal “light-hearted” who gather in groups of three or four. They all day “relax”.
And it is strong and healthy.
They also want to live well?
They also want to in Europe?
They, too, officials are bastards interfere with my work?

You cannot shout about the sins of others – we need their address.
But as you get in the Ukraine – are all to blame, but themselves.

I have to deal with the organization of work for its and their neighbors.
And the work is still very, very needed in the organization to a normal level.

And no one, no bureaucrat to blame for the fact that the employee is late for work that does not norm that is lazy to work.

Who wants to live well – let at first will start to work well.
After that, keep up the good work neighbor.
And then far.
But if together we will begin to work well, then or live well, or we will have at least some basis for the question – why are we not so good live.

Yes you work so that it is necessary to be surprised that you still live well, compared with how you work.

Even the Lord God, who is all-powerful, and then gives man free will.
To the person responsible that the person worked.
And some of Putin’s make the figure, the steeper the Lord God.
Putin it in General all determined that there is no free will and no maneuver left.
Putin, you see, has no free will.
Here the Lord God did not take, and Putin – deprived?

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