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The concept of “middle class” as a way of duping.

Понятие "средний класс" как способ одурачивания.

What is “middle class” and what it eats? Many lances were broken, hundreds of highbrow figures tried to find a clear answer. And did not find. Don’t you think it strange? Who millionaire — all clear and no ambiguity. Proletarian, bourgeois, — they in any country of the proletarian and the bourgeois. But the “middle class” for some reason.

In my opinion absolutely correctly answer this question dear Proper: the middle class is people who own the means of production, but work on them yourself without resorting to the use of hired labor. http://topru.org/8757/chto-takoe-srednij-klass/

However, this definition is not widely used, unfortunately. Why, because it is accurate and does not allow for ambiguous interpretation? Answer: that’s why not used. The precise definition will not allow to manipulate public opinion. How this is done Proper comrade also wrote http://topru.org/29891/srednij-klass-v-ssha-sokratilsya/ : I’ll take middle class people with incomes between 67 and 200 percent of average across the country, will want to — take any other fork that will allow you to get the desired result “sociological research”. That is, the conventional notion of the middle class, which is used today makes it easy to stretch an owl on the globe.

Indeed, here is this picture familiar to everyone, even to those who have this issue and were not interested:

Понятие "средний класс" как способ одурачивания.

It “demonstrates” that the middle class (sorry, Proper, but in the following I will use this concept in the generally accepted value) should be plenty. Yes easily! Take some Zimbabwe: how many average income? One hundred dollars a month? Great: appointed by the “fork” from 10 to 300 dollars a month. Voila! 90% of this country — the middle class. Rich power! Want to get the reverse effect, to trample the people in the shit show country her shirt? There is nothing easier: assigned middle class for Russia, people with income between 100 thousand a month (and what we forbid it to do?) and please, shout in every issue of “echo of Moscow” about poor Raschke.

Try to approach this problem from another side: to take into account not income, and expenses:

Понятие "средний класс" как способ одурачивания.

“Spends on food no more than 35% of income”… the Average Zimbabwean gathered enough bananas for free — a wealthy man! Spent less than 35% of its $ 100! A top Manager of some Gazprom — rogue compared to him, because forced on caviar and vintage wines spend 20-30% of their income.

The concept of middle class trying to cram education, own property, and the opportunity to relax abroad… Well, Yes, to own “Priority” and “Lamborghini” are the same thing, of course!

Again, it is unclear the division of the middle class across countries. Why is this proletarian — he in all countries the proletariat, but middle class for each country?

Because this is all I have listed above, allows you to manipulate consciousness. Allows the liberals to simultaneously prove contradictory things. We must prove that Europe, America and even Zimbabwe live richer rotten Raska? Please. On the contrary, it is necessary to explain the rural teacher — that he is middle class? There is nothing easier.

That is, watch the hands: explain the longrange trip (teacher, engineer — to anyone) that he is middle class, the Foundation of the state, where everything is kept (that is, by the way, the truth, on them that keeps. But they are the Foundation of the state, because the state gets rich by their labour, and not because they are some kind of middle class. Substitution of concepts). Then show him how rotten “the state”, as it oppressed, the middle class, the interests and get fooled marsh protecton. Maidan of borzone in a saucepan. Who will rush to support Lesha and Misha Piled up Two percent. Sure, they defend the interests of the middle class.

Now to understand whose interests defend Alex and Misha should still understand what they mean when they say: “the Middle class is the Foundation of the state. The government should protect the interests of the middle class, etc.” Doctor who credit bought “Priora”? Chelyabinsk the us that year saving up for a trip to Turkey?

To understand this it is necessary:
1. Find crateri, common to all countries. Obviously, in this criterium can only be income. Not “a cent” from the average, not property, not education, namely income. Think it even shouldn’t prove.
2. Necessary to determine the level selected criteria, that is income.

I network test “are you middle class”. Frankly, my salary is about $ 10,000/month. That is the person I not poor. (Sorry, but I honestly earn the money). The testing result much lower than average: “We are surprised by where do you get money on computer”. My colleagues, the results are about the same. That is, we are not the middle class. I was stuck. And then came across a report in which showed how the crisis of 2008 hit the middle class: “John DOE is a Manager in some company. And if before the crisis, he could buy a car (“Porsche” the price tag under 200 000$) for two salaries, but now he has to work half a year”.

Now, I don’t want to impose their point of view, but for myself, I concluded: the average class in understanding of the liberal community — people with incomes from 100 thousand to a million dollars a month regardless of their country of residence.

Yes, I admit that I too took the “srednepotolochnuyu” figures. You can take any other. But with the condition is the same for everyone. Why did I pick these numbers? Because people with an income of 10 000$ completely don’t care hamonno-parmesane problems. Because none of my colleagues with this level of revenue has not taken foreign currency mortgages. Because this income does not allow even to dream about a Porsche, Lamborghini and a personal Bungalow in Miami. That is 10 thousand — not exactly middle class. Although I must admit, many of my colleagues are infected with liberalism, considered themselves middle class, but that just proves how much liberal stultification.

On the other hand, there who howled without beef, oysters and collectible wines? Makarevich with a price tag of$ 20,000 for the concert? Xenia name Przhevalsky, that is just so “out of friendship” give a Mercedes? That is, people howled with income no less than 100 000$ in a month.

Now, it is the middle class and protects the “Echo of Moscow”. They in version and Bulk are the basis of the state. And when you once again will call on Marsh to protect the interests of the middle class, keep in mind — you are called to defend your interests, because you and I, the middle class does not have any relationship.

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