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The CIA Director confirmed the use of chemical weapons by militants

Директор ЦРУ подтвердил применение химического оружия боевиками ИГ

Terrorist group “Islamic state” (IG) has already used chemical weapons and has the ability of manufacture. This was stated by CIA Director John Brennan on the news channel CBS. His words are quoted by the British newspaper the Sun.

“Several cases have been reported, when ISIS used chemical munitions on the battlefield,” — said Brennan. According to him, fighters can produce “small quantities of chlorine and mustard gas”.

February 10, a similar statement was made by the Director of National intelligence James Clapper, reminds the edition. “We have received numerous reports about the use of chemicals in attacks in Iraq and Syria,” he said.

Clapper said that when investigating cases of alleged use of chemical weapons in Syria in August 2014 found that “at least two people were subjected to skin-naivnomu the action of mustard gas”.

According to the Russian General staff, the militants in Syria may use against the government forces of President Bashar al-Assad special ammunition with mustard gas. Negotiations militants were recorded by the intelligence.

Previously, experts have noted the efforts of the IG’s weapons of mass destruction. June 6, foreign Minister of Australia Julie Bishop said that ISIS is gaining highly qualified specialists for the production of chemical weapons and is already applying for the chlorine attacks in Iraq. In particular, there is evidence of the use of Northern Iraq of chemical weapons against Kurdish Peshmerga fighters.

“Islamic state” is prohibited in the Russian Federation terrorist group that has seized in 2014 part of Syria and Iraq and proclaimed there the Caliphate. With ISIS fight, in particular, the army of those countries, the coalition led by the USA and Russia.

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