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The Chairman of the Central Bank predicted a significant growth in 2016 of Bank contributions of Russians

Зампред ЦБ предрек значительный рост в 2016 году банковских вкладов россиян

In 2016, the household deposits in Russian banks may increase by 15 percent, said the Deputy Chairman of the Bank of Russia Mikhail Sukhov. This prediction he made in his speech at the Russian economic and financial forum in Switzerland. The words of the Chairman of the Central Bank passes on Saturday, March 12, RIA Novosti.

“This assessment I think is quite realistic and possible. Although this may depend not only from banks but also from the real state of the disposable income of our citizens that in the near future are unlikely to increase in a positive direction”, — said the banker.

According to him, last year the amount of financial deposits in banks increased by a quarter. In early 2016 the increase has continued: in February banks raised an additional 170 billion rubles, he said. This figure represents more than 20 percent growth on an annualized basis.

In this regard, the Chairman of the Central Bank concludes that Russian banks have managed to maintain the confidence of depositors, despite the difficulties in the economy. “We will closely monitor the distribution of deposits across banks of different size”, — he promised.

The majority of Russians (73 per cent) admitted that he has no savings, according to a survey by the National Agency for financial studies. The savings is 27 percent of the population.

According to Rosstat, the average amount of monetary incomes (incomes minus obligatory payments adjusted for inflation) of Russians in January 2016 was 21 365 rubles. Compared with January of last year this indicator increased by three percent. The average salary in Russia in nominal terms increased by 3.1 percent, 32 to 122 rubles. In real terms it decreased by 6.1 percent.

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