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The Central Bank found “hole” in “Only” 210 billion rubles

Центробанк обнаружил "дыру" в "Внешпромбанке" в 210 млрд рублей

Negative equity “Vneshprombank” at the time of revocation of the license on January 21, 2016 amounted to $ 210,114 billion rubles This follows from the accounting balance sheet published in “the Bulletin of Bank of Russia”.

Net loss “of Vneshprombank” at the same date amounted to 151,012 billion rubles On January 1, 2016, the capital of the Bank statements was positive and amounted to 15,429 billion rubles through 2015, was recorded a net profit of 1.6 billion rubles.

Net loan receivables balance “Vneshprombank” on the report on January 1 was $ 132,099 billion rubles., on January 21 this figure was estimated at 20,693 bn net investments in securities at the date of revocation of the license was reduced from 20,849 billion rubles to 4,122 bn other assets on the balance sheet from 1 January to 21 has decreased from 14.6 billion rubles to 4,819 billion rubles.

Total assets at the time of revocation of the license of the Bank is estimated at 40,43 billion rubles compared to 236,552 billion rubles on the report at the beginning of the year.

By order of the Bank of Russia revoked the license for banking operations of the credit organization foreign economic industrial Bank (limited liability Company) OOO “Vneshprombank” from January 21, 2016. Such decision is accepted in connection with default by a credit institution Federal laws regulating banking activity and Bank of Russia regulations, the capital adequacy ratios below 2%, reduction of the amount of own funds (capital) below the minimal value of authorised capital established as of the date of the state registration of the credit institution, repeated violation within one year of the requirements stipulated in articles 6, 7 (except paragraph 3 of article 7) of Federal law “On countering the legalization (laundering) of proceeds from crime” and Bank of Russia regulations, issued in accordance with the act, given the repeated application within one year to credit institutions of measures stipulated by the Federal law “About Central Bank of the Russian Federation (Bank of Russia)”.

The analysis of the financial position of the Bank showed an excess of liabilities over assets amounting to about 187,4 billion rubles For the long-term management of LLC “Vneshprombank” has conducted a variety of operations to withdrawal of assets. Submitted to the Bank of Russia statements do not contain reliable information about the quality and amount of the assets and liabilities of the Bank. Rukovodstvovat was built system of fraud reporting based on primary documents, including statements on correspondent accounts of banks-non-residents, the credit profile of customers, transactions on customer accounts. In addition, the credit institution failed to comply with the requirements of the legislation in the sphere of combating legalization (laundering) of income obtained by criminal means and financing of terrorism, including the timely direction in authorized body information on operations subject to mandatory control.

“Given the significant imbalance between assets and liabilities the procedure of financial recovery LLC “Vneshprombank” with the involvement of the state Corporation “Agency on insurance of contributions” and his creditors, on reasonable economic conditions was not possible. In the circumstances, the Bank of Russia on the basis of article 20 of the Federal law “On banks and banking activity” has fulfilled the obligation to revoke a credit institution license to Bank operations. The Bank of Russia is working to provide law enforcement the necessary information to identify the persons responsible for the implementation of illegal actions”, — stated in the message.

OOO “Vneshprombank” — the participant of system of insurance of deposits. Revocation of license for banking operations is insured as provided for the payment of insurance compensation to depositors of the Bank, including individual entrepreneurs, in the amount of 100% of the balance, but not more than 1,4 million rubles in aggregate per depositor.

According to statements by total assets of LLC “Vneshprombank” on January 1, 2016 was taken 40 place in the banking system of the Russian Federation.

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