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The Central Bank expects credit growth in the regions

Центробанк ожидает роста кредитования в регионах

The CBR is waiting for loan growth in the regions. This follows from “the Review of regional credit markets” that was published by the regulator. So, the Central Bank is confident that in the majority of subjects the demand for loans from both corporate and private borrowers in the near future will be restored. However, the process will go in fits and starts – at different rates in different regions of the country.

According to experts of the Central Bank, it will depend on the current state of credit portfolios, as well as the solvent demand of borrowers in each particular subject, reports IA “SeverInform” with reference to “Izvestia”.

In addition, there is also the factor of influence of Federal and regional programs of subsidising of interest rates.

However, what will be the growth of lending to the Central Bank explained. However the regulator to lower the bar interest rates is not going and no way out of the financial crisis still does not offer.

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