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The Cabinet was not allowed to spend matkapital for domestic cars

Кабмин не разрешил тратить маткапитал на отечественные авто

The Russian government does not support the proposal of the Deputy of the state Duma from the CPRF Vadim Soloviev to send funds to the parent capital for the purchase families of cars of a domestic production, it follows from the answer of the first Deputy Minister of labour and social protection of Russia Alexei Vovchenko at the request of the MP.

“The proposal to expand the list of areas of maternity (family) capital by providing the possibility of directing these funds to buy a car of domestic production is not supported,” writes Vovchenko, noting that this issue was considered by the Ministry of labour jointly with the Ministry of Finance and economic development.

“The proposal to establish a new direction of use of means of maternity (family) capital, namely the possibility of purchasing a domestic car, not solves the problem of creating conditions to meet the significant social needs of families with children, which is not enough for current expenses”, – is spoken in the answer of the first Deputy Minister, RIA “Novosti”.

The Ministry also considered that the proposed use of the funds does not apply to long-term objectives and not consistent with the main purpose of the law on maternity capital from 2006, namely the establishment of additional measures of state support for families with children. The Ministry suggesting that the proposal will result in an increase in the number of requests for prisoner. Accordingly, will require the allocation of additional funds not provided by the law on budget for 2016.

“However, the implementation of the proposals on granting the right of using maternal (family) capital for the purchase of domestic cars may lead to abuses in the use of these funds and, consequently, to an inefficient use of allocations from the Federal budget”, – said in response.

In this case, the regions can introduce their own additional measures of social support of families with children, remind in the Ministry of labor. In particular, in the majority of subjects of the Russian Federation adopted by regional maternity capital, whose funds can be spent, including, and to buy a car, noted in the Ministry.

Previously Soloviev sent a request to Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev with a proposal to allow to use means of the parent capital for purchase of domestic cars.

Maternity capital operating in Russia since 2007 support for families in which was born second or subsequent child. To use means of the parent capital on improvement of housing conditions, education of the child, mother’s pension or rehabilitation of a disabled child. In 2016 the maternity capital amounts to 453 thousand.

30 December the President of Russia Vladimir Putin signed the law on extension of maternity capital payouts up to 2018 inclusive.

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