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The Briton found a way to constantly order a free pizza

Британец нашел способ постоянно заказывать бесплатную пиццу

Briton Paul Pryce, who works as a security consultant, found on the Domino’s Pizza app technical error in which users could order pizza for free. On Tuesday, April 5, according to Motherboard.

He found that the application was made invalid payments, and then made the order without paying him. After Price called the pizzeria to clarify, is it the pizza, and was extremely surprised when I learned that Domino’s has taken it invalid payment.

The Briton admits that at first was delighted at the opportunity to get the pizza for free because of a technical error, but then decided to confess all. When he came to the courier, he told about the error in the application and paid for your order by cash.

At the moment the application found fixed the price error. A representative of Domino’s Pizza added that they are very serious about safety and are pleased that the issue has been resolved as soon as possible.

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